Home Remedies or Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags which are medically known as acrochordon are concern for most of the people, especially the women. Any benign growth that hangs like a soft skin is called a skin tag. They can grow anywhere on the skin, but are commonly seen in areas like groin folds, underarms, neck and in cases of women beneath the breasts.

In general they are harmless and there is no reason for skin tag removal except for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes they fall off naturally. Also, every person may not have a skin tag while some other is more prone to getting these tags.

Home Remedies or Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Obesity, heredity and many other causes may give this unwanted growth and people can get them irrespective of gender.

Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Though these skin tags do not cause any harm, or rarely have chance of turning into anything harmful, people often want to remove them just because they do not look good on the exposed part of the skin. Here are some easy treatments for skin tags that you can do at home.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil proves great in various types of skin problems and it is equally effective in removing skin tags. First, wash away the dirt and grime from your skin using any suitable face or body wash. Now leave the skin to dry out.

Now all you have to do is take a normal sized ball of cotton wool and soak it in water. Add about three to four drops of tea tree oil to it and dab on the skin tag. Repeat this three times a day. It will take around two to three days for the skin tag to fall off. If it does not fall off continue for some more days.

Baking Soda & Castor Oil

This is another of the common home remedies for skin tags. As in the earlier case you need to remove the oil and dirt from your skin and let it dry. Now make a gooey paste by mixing baking soda in castor oil.

Baking Soda

Apply this paste to the skin tags thrice a day. The tags dry out and then fall off. Usually this treatment yields result in two to three weeks.

Using Dental Floss or Thread

Often people cannot wait for the skin tags to dry out and fall off. So they prefer a more instantaneous treatment. One of such treatment is using thread and dental floss.

In this method the dental floss or thread is used to bind the base of the tag tightly. The binding is kept there for a few days to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag.

When the blood supply stops, the skin tag falls off naturally.  Make sure that you bind the string strongly enough to ensure that the blood supply is stopped completely.

Dental Floss

If the skin tag still remains then use a pair of scissors to cut off the tiny piece of flesh. Then any antiseptic cream or lotion should be applied on the wound. The operation, though seemingly painful, actually does not cause anything more than a sting. However, there is a chance of getting infected if the cutting tool is not properly sterilized.

If you still face problems with the skin tags or if the skin tags are not small enough for any of the above treatments, then you should consult a doctor to get rid of skin tags.
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Get Rid of Dandruff With Natural Ways

Formation of new cells and shedding of old cells is a continuous process in our skin. So occur with scalp. Scalp sheds off little amount of dead cells in the form of white flakes daily which.

When scalp skin starts excessive flaking off that becomes problem. There is no particular known cause of dandruff. It might be seasonal (too cool or too hot weather), due to lack of hygiene, oily scalp skin and hair.

Get Rid of Dandruff With Natural Ways

There are so many anti dandruff shampoos available in the market on how to remove dandruff but going for natural ways is always good.

Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff With Natural Ways

Massaging Scalp

Massaging scalp is an easy and best natural remedy for dandruff. Lukewarm coconut oil is recommended the most for massage, though almond oil and mustard oil are also better alternatives.

Oil nourishes the scalp and massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp. 

If you can massage regular then the result will appear faster otherwise once in a week must be done.

Fenugreek Seeds Paste

Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in the water. Two tablespoons would be enough. Drain the seeds in the next morning and make their paste. Don’t through the water left but keep it safe for further use. Apply this paste on scalp and leave for half hour.

Wash hair thoroughly after half hour. Apply the paste twice in a week for two weeks and after this reduce the frequency to once in a week. Apply the water in which seeds were soaked over the scalp when hair gets dry. This remedy doesn’t allow dandruff to come back.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one more effective natural remedy for dandruff. Massage scalp with fresh lemon juice once in a week for dandruff free hair. Another excellent remedy is to make paste with fuller’s earth and lemon juice and apply to your scalp once in a week. This paste deep cleanses the scalp by removing the sebum and dead cells.

Instead of fuller’s earth you can use sandalwood in the same way. One more lemon juice remedy is to warm two cup of water; add one tablespoon lemon and coconut oil into warm water. Rinse hair with this mixture and massage scalp with it.


Curd massage on scalp every time before hair wash helps ridding dandruff and leaves smooth and silky hair. Wash hair after one hour of applying curd.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is very simple natural remedy for dandruff. Apply aloe Vera gel on the scalp before going to bed. Next day wash out hair preferably with herbal shampoo.


Mix cosmetic vinegar to warm water (which is three times the quantity of vinegar). Apply this mixture to scalp and hair, cover head with cloth and leave it overnight. Wash out hair next day.


Though irritation makes you to scratch the scalp but try to control over itching finger otherwise fingernails will cause wounds on scalp. Bring down the use of dyes, colors, sprays and gels as these products flare up the problem.

Along with remedies you should lower intake of tea and coffee. Drinking lots of water and fresh fruit juices is very helpful. Completely stop eating junk and fried food, and include green vegetables and fruits to your diet.
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Home Remedies for Flatulence

In everyday language, we use the terms ‘farting’ or ‘passing gas’ to refer to the condition of Flatulence. Interestingly and often embarrassingly, it is accompanied by a crackling or trumpeting sound and grabs unwanted attention towards the source of such sounds.

This passing of gas is a normal by products of the process of digestion. On an average, an individual tends to flatulate about 20-60 times every night because the anal sphincter is relaxed during the process of sleeping. Incomplete digestion or indigestible foods are the chief causes of Flatulence. Flatulence can be voluntary or involuntary.

Home Remedies for Flatulence

Milk, beans, cabbage, oats and a host of other foods can be attributed for causing this embarrassing problem. Consumption of foods like meat and eggs and certain bacteria may release stinky odor while the passing of gas through Flatulence. Flatulence is generally not a serious problem, but a proper treatment may be needed in case of excessive Flatulence. This treatment can be favorably carried out with the help of natural home remedies for Flatulence.

Causes and Symptoms of Flatulence

Chemical reactions during the process of digestion and certain bacteria lead to Flatulence. Excessive Flatulence mostly indicates an underlying digestive problem. At times, an abundance of bacteria in the digestive tract or colon may lead to increased in Flatulence.

Other factors include fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, peptic ulcers, Irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, gallstones, swallowing too much air, smoking and intake of foods like beans, fatty foods, potatoes, prunes, pulses etc. Besides, medicines such as antibiotics can also cause more Flatulence. A high fat diet, mal absorption of fats, sugar free sweets and chewing gums may lead to the same result.

The most obvious symptom of Flatulence is an uncontrollable and repeated urge to pass gas. The condition could be accompanied by constipation or diarrhea. 

Belching, bloating, and rumbling in the lower abdomen are often accompanied by Flatulence.

Natural Home Remedies for Flatulence

• Take one teaspoon of dry ginger, one teaspoon of green cardamom seeds and an equal amount of pepper. Take half a teaspoon of this mixture in some water one hour after having a meal. This therapeutic home remedy is of the most efficient natural home remedies for Flatulence.

• Sprinkling some rosemary herb on gassy foods helps to reduce their ill effects thereby reducing Flatulence.

• After meals, chewing ginger slices soaked in lemon juice helps in preventing Flatulence.

• Peppermint serves as a valuable natural remedy to cure Flatulence.

• Mix half a teaspoon of dry ginger powder, a pinch of asafetida and a pinch of rock salt in a cup of warm water. Drinking this mixture acts as an effective remedy used for gas Flatulence treatment.

• Prepare a paste of juice extracted form betel leaves and honey. Consume this paste to avoid Flatulence.

• Cloves, fennel seeds, coriander and cardamom seeds are excellent home remedies for Flatulence. They can be used while cooking foods or while preparing tea.

• Taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before going to sleep is highly beneficial in dealing with Flatulence caused by gas.

• Taking a teaspoon of honey mixed with a drop of dill oil after meals is regarded as a valuable cure used in the course of Flatulence treatment.

• Mix the juices extracted from ginger and a clove of garlic and dilute the juice in some lukewarm water. Drinking this mixture is a very popular and equally effective natural home remedy used to cure and prevent Flatulence.

• Massaging the abdomen with warm olive oil or sesame oil helps to relieve Flatulence and gas related symptoms.

• Consuming fenugreek seeks fried in butter is beneficial in curing Flatulence and other gastric problems.

• Boil some water and add tamarind juice in it. Mix some sugar and drink this solution to eliminate Flatulence caused by constipation.

• Herbal teas like the ones prepared from aniseed, mint, ginger, chamomile, cloves, basil leaves, sage etc are excellent home remedies for Flatulence.

• Mix tamarind powder and salt in lukewarm water and drink it to heal this problem.

• Regularly drinking a glass of sugarcane juice mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt is an excellent natural remedy that helps to cure Flatulence slowly but steadily.

• Other home remedies for Flatulence involve the incorporation of certain remdial measures like chewing the food properly, not drinking water till about 15 minutes after meals, having meals at proper intervals, not indulging in overeating, not drinking water while eating etc. All these simple steps help to decrease Flatulence to a great extent.

Diet for Flatulence

As mentioned earlier, Flatulence results from improper digestion. Therefore, the diet to control or avoid Flatulence should focus on foods that aid in proper digestion. Fruits like papaya and pineapple should be positively included in the diet to get rid of Flatulence and gas. It has been observed that eating small meals at regular meals is better than eating heavy meals 2-3 times a day.

In some cases, people have benefited by changing their diet. Experts recommend that while introducing or increasing fibrous foods in the diet, one should be cautious and introduce this change gradually in order to avoid Flatulence, gas and other digestive problems.

It is better to avoid the consumption of aerated drinks because they have a tendency to cause gas problems. Whole grain cereals, beans, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, prunes, cabbage, certain pulses, fermented foods such as breads and cakes, fruits like bananas, apples and grapes, sauces, eggs, meat, milk and milk products and similar products are known to contribute in causing Flatulence and gas. One need not eliminate these items altogether but consume them wisely depending on the ability of one’s digestive system. Similarly, oily and spicy foods should be avoided as far as possible.
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Home Remedies for Freckles

Freckles are small, flat spots of unevenly distributed melanin on the skin. More often than not, Freckles trouble the fair skinned individuals. These small spots are light brown in color.  Exposure to sun rays (UVB radiation) tends to increase melanin production in the skin thereby darkening these spots.

Freckles are usually found on the face and upper shoulders, though they can appear anywhere on the skin depending on the part exposed to sunlight. In medical terminology, Freckles are known as Ephelides. These multiple and random spots are more common in fair complexioned individuals with reddish hair and light colored eyes. Moreover, overlapping of the spots makes them look larger.

Home Remedies for Freckles

Basically, there are two types of Freckles, Simple Freckles and Sunburn Freckles. Sunburn Freckles are generally darker as well as larger than Simple Freckles. Simple Freckles tend to appear in the summer season and fade in the winter season. But, Sunburn Freckles, also called Lentigines, do not usually disappear in the winter season. Older individuals are more prone to Sunburn Freckles due to genetic tendency.

The best means of prevention and cure for Freckles is avoidance of over exposure to sun and sun protection. Many costly and chemically prepared over the counter creams are also available in the market to lighten Freckles. On the other hand, these embarrassing spots can be cured naturally and effectively with the help of several the natural home remedies for Freckles. Freckles are not considered harmful but they may become a source of social embarrassment as they are easily noticeable.

Causes and Symptoms of Freckles

A combination of hereditary factors, type of skin and exposure to sun causes Freckles. They usually appear on the nose, cheeks, arms and upper shoulders. They can also appear on skin folds such as underarms. A genetic disorder, known as Neurofibromatosis may also lead to the formation of Freckles on the skin.

Sometimes, malignant freckle and melanoma are confused with the normal harmless Freckles. Malignant freckles and Melanoma are dangerous conditions related to skin cancer. Freckles are usually red, yellow, tan, light brown or black in color. Generally, they have no associated symptoms. Though, they make the affected individual more at risk of developing skin cancer.

Natural Home Remedies for Freckles

• Applying lemon juice on the affected area for about 10 minutes is one of the most popular and equally effective natural home remedies for Freckles as it serves as a natural bleaching agent. Sugar or honey can also be added to the lemon juice to make it more effective.

• Washing the Freckles with sour milk helps in curing Freckles without the risk of skin irritation and dryness of the skin. Buttermilk is also beneficial in the treatment of Freckles.

• Prepare a paste from yellow mustard and milk. Apply this paste on the face overnight and wash it off in the morning to reduce Freckles. Simply applying a mixture of one teaspoon of cucumber juice in some milk is also beneficial in dealing with such spots.

• Soak one tablespoon of lentils in water overnight and grind them in milk in the morning. Applying this resultant paste on the skin is one of the most highly beneficial natural home remedies for Freckles, especially for individuals with oily skin.

• For dry skin, a combination of almonds and milk serves the same purpose. For this, soak 4-5 almonds in water overnight and grind them with milk in the morning.

• A mixture prepared from turmeric and sesame sees grinded together can be safely applied on the affected area to cure Freckles naturally.

• Prepare a paste by mixing crushed mint leaves and mashed banana. Regularly applying this paste on the skin is a valuable natural home remedy to get rid of Freckles and Blemishes.

• Putting fresh aloe vera juice on the Freckles helps in lightening the color of such spots.

• Regularly applying odorless castor oil or any vitamin E oil helps in preventing Freckles to a great extent.

• Applying fruit and vegetable packs prepared from cucumbers, red currants, strawberries, apricots and similar natural ingredients is one of the most successful natural home remedies for Freckles’ treatment. These natural face packs should be applied on a regular basis to give encouraging results.

• Rubbing a slice of red onion on the Freckles, two times per day on a daily basis acts as a therapeutic natural remedy to remove Freckles.

• Mix some parsley juice or parsley infusion with equal amounts of orange juice and lemon juice. Applying this mixture under the routine cream is useful in dealing with Freckles.

• Heat some honey and add a little bit of wheat germ in it. Then, apply this paste on the affected area of the skin for about 15 minutes. Next, wash it off with some warm water followed by cold water. The regular application of this home remedy is sure to give encouraging results.

• Take one tablespoon of unpasteurized honey, add a quarter cup of unripe currants in it and mash them. Apply this sticky paste on the affected area for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with the help of warm water and then apply some fresh lemon juice on it to control this problem.

• Put some grains of rice in a watermelon by making a hole in its rind. Leave these grains of rice in the fruit for about a week or so and then grind them to make a paste like mixture. Applying this paste on the Freckles is regarded as a complex yet valuable remdy to lighten Freckles.

• Horseradish juice, horseradish vinegar and oatmeal are considered excellent home remedies for Freckles. Any of these can be applied on the affected area to heal the problem.

Diet for Freckles

Though there is no particular diet to cure Freckles, still a healthy diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc with special emphasis on vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin C is beneficial for the skin in general. Fruits like apples, peaches, oranges, grapes etc should be positively included in the diet. Cabbage, milk, eggs, wheat germ and nutritional yeast are useful for Freckle treatment for dry skin.

Consumption of eggplant internally and external application of eggplant slices on the skin is a highly recommended natural remedy for Freckles. Cranberries juice and strawberries are also beneficial in this regard. Apart from these dietary and remedial measures, preventive measures in the form of sun protection are also recommended. Good quality sunscreens with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and broad rimmed hats can be used for this purpose to avoid Freckles.
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