Symptoms and Treatments of Urticaria

In urticaria, inflammation occurs on different portions of the skin. The duration of such an attack can remain either for one day or more than that. There are several causes which might lead to attack of urticaria on a person. Urticaria is not gender specific skin condition.

Some of the general causes are prolonged intake of antibiotic medicines, excessive workout and presence of elements causing hypersensitivity in food items, pregnancy or existence of worms in intestines.

Symptoms and Treatments of Urticaria

Herbal Remedies For Treating Urticaria

There are several well-known herbal remedies which are capable of treating skin problem of urticaria. Gairika and haridra are two most common herbal medicines that are prescribed for treating this problem. Both the medicines can be consumed either with normal water or one teaspoon of honey.

If the condition of a patient becomes severe than mix two tablespoons of salt in appropriate quantity of mustard oil. Mix it well and then apply the mixture on the affected portions of the skin.

Black salt is extremely beneficial in cases where both urticaria and problem in digestion occur simultaneously. Take minimum of ten grams of black salt and mix it in appropriate quantity of normal water. The consumption of this particular mixture makes a person want to throw up. For a change the benefit of vomiting in this case would be effective treatment in controlling outbreak in urticaria.

Mix three teaspoon of rosewater in one big spoon of vinegar and apply the mixture as soon as burning sensation takes place in case of occurrence of urticaria. Prepare a mixture by boiling sufficient quantity of mint leaves with brown sugar in bowl full of water. Allow it to cool for a minute and then consume it. This particular remedy will alleviate the problem caused by prickling sensation.

Symptoms Of Urticaria

A person suffering from urticaria will have coloured patches on the skin. Patches appear either in white or red colour. Moreover, they will appear a little elevated. 

There will be smoldering sensation along with powerful and vicious prickling on the skin.

Rasping and scraping that affected portion can carry the problem to other skin portions of the body. The other symptoms preceding urticaria are fever and disorder in digestive system. If the intensity of urticaria is low than disorder will vanish within couple of days or it can take even days to disappear.

Over- consumption of certain medicines can also lead to urticaria. There are some people who are vulnerable towards some food items. Consumption of the suspected food item can trigger allergic skin reaction in them.

Diet For Urticaria Patients

For few days, people suffering from urticaria must embark on a strict diet comprising of only fruits for the reason that the foundation of urticaria starts from digestive system. So, in order to keep digestive system in excellent condition, quantity of fibrous fruits must be increased significantly.

Fruit diet must be followed by an all-round diet which must comprise of nutritious food. It must be kept in mind that till the time urticaria is not cured or its symptoms gets alleviated, non-vegetarian food items must be completely avoided.