Social Phobia - Social Anxiety Disorder

It is very normal for a person to experience shyness, nervousness and self consciousness. A person who is about to give a presentation, asking someone out for a first date, etc. may experience butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palm, racing heart etc. All these are very common phenomenon for us to experience when we are in such a situation. But for some people, these feelings go to such an extent that they do not have enough courage to even make an eye contact with their classmates or answer questions in the class. When the condition of a person is such as that then it is more than shyness. It could be an anxiety condition commonly known as social phobia.

Social Phobia - Social Anxiety Disorder

It is a type of anxiety problem and is also known as social anxiety disorder. It is one of the most common types of phobia and is characterized by the fear of people or social situations. Those suffering from this phobia fear of being humiliated in the public. These people, instead of enjoying the social gathering, dread as their self consciousness, feelings of getting embarrassed in public etc. gets into their way. Social phobia sets in during early adolescence and is often hereditary. It may also be at times accompanied by alcohol abuse and depression. Some people may even confuse this type of phobia with shyness. But feeling shy is a different thing. 

Here are some of the most common symptoms of social phobia that you should look out for:
  • Feeling dizziness, nervousness etc.
  • Uncontrollable desire to walk out from the present situation.
  • Persistent, chronic and intense fear of being watched.
  • Easily get embarrass by their own actions.
  • Intense anxiety of social phobia
  • Blushing, profuse sweating.
  • Exposure to uncomfortable situations may provoke situational panic attacks.

These were some of the very common signs and symptoms. Social phobia affects about 15 million American adults. This disorder affects both men and women alike. To a certain extent genetic factors are also involved in this disorder. There are a number of effective treatments available. With the increase in the researches on social phobia, researchers are coming up with more advanced treatment methodology of the disorder. A person suffering from this disorder can either opt for medical treatments or psycho-social therapy.

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