Side Effects of Green Tea - Listen to the Warnings!

Green tea has certain side effects but very little has been said about it because green tea is widely popular for its health benefits. Though there are a great many health benefits of green tea, however, it is important for the people to be aware of the side effects of green tea. It is a well known fact that all of us have a varying immune system and thus some of us may not be able to consume anything and everything without suffering from any sort of illness. So despite all the positive effects, one must be well prepared and well aware about the side effects as well. 

Side Effects of Green Tea - Listen to the Warnings!

It has been generally advised that those people suffering from heart conditions, anxiety, panic attacks, kidney disease and sensitive stomachs, should be very cautious as far as taking green tea is concerned. Even during pregnancy, women must limit the amount of green tea consumption as it can interfere in the body’s way of using folate. Some people who consumed green tea have experienced adverse effects. Some of the side effects that have been reported are increased urination, rapid heart beat, headache, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness etc. 

There are also other side effects that are associated with drinking of green tea. 

One of the most common side effects comes from caffeine which is present in green tea. Green tea is not caffeine free though the content may be much lesser as compared to coffee. The amount of caffeine content in green tea is much more tolerable than those present in a brewed coffee. For those people who cannot tolerate even a small quantity of caffeine can opt for green tea supplements. Skin rashes, frequent urination, insomnia, irritability, tremor, loss of appetite, nausea etc. are some of the causes of caffeine, so watch out for these symptoms.

Bowel problems are other side effects of green tea. Since tea acts as a natural diuretic, when consumed in large quantities it has a greater effect. This effects can, however, be lessened by reducing the amount of green tea effects. Or trying other variations of green tea also helps in lessening these side effects. 

The tannins that are found in green tea cause gastro intestinal upset. It can also reduce the absorption of iron and the diet and can counteract with certain drugs and medications. 

Since green tea can cause potential side effects, it is advised that people who are on medications for other health related problems must avoid drinking it. This is because the consumption of green tea increases the acid production. Thus, it is wise to switch over to drinking green tea instead of drinking tea or coffee but potential side effects must also be kept in mind.