Raw Tomato for Acne

Use of tomato for skin problems has been considered as a perfect solution because of its astringent properties. It is rich in vitamin C which makes it to brighten a dull order of the outer most layer of the body. Besides this, it also contains vitamin A which is needed for the healthy building of the skin. And the naturally acidic effect of this one makes the skin to get rid of excessive oil, so it creates a balanced order of the epidermis. And the anti-oxidants in tomatoes make them a free radical fighter. This one even acts great for healing pimples problem. It reduces the antibacterial effect on the zits-affected areas. Thus, here is a review about the ways by which raw tomato pulp works for treating the distress of acne. Look inside!!!

Raw Tomato for Acne

Raw Tomato Pulp for Acne Home Treatment

Tomato acne treatment- Mash one tomato into a pulp and spread the pulp on your face. And do also spread this pulp on the other affected areas as well. Then let this tomato work on your skin for at least half an hour. Thereafter, wash it off with tepid water (moderately or slightly lukewarm water) and then pat it try with a soft towel. You should use this treatment for a minimum one week period for an effective result.  

Reduce your pores- Just mix one tablespoon of tomato juice with 2 or 4 drops of lime juice. And then rub it on your acne problem with a cotton ball. Keep this mixture for around 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with tepid or lukewarm water.

Apart from it, you can also rub the slices of tomato against your affected areas to get rid of that extra oil and dirt from your skin. Thus, do add this wonder fruit for curing your pimples problem and see the difference. So, take care and do live with a great health!!!