Natural Remedies for Nail Biting

We nibble our nails all day long despite vowing never to go for a toothy manicure for the edgy nails. This behavior is a result of boredom, impatience, nervousness etc, which can cause frustrations and annoyance. This is one such habit from which it is quite difficult to break off once it is formed. 

It is a widespread problem covering about 20% of adults and 30% of college goers. This is one such habit which generally developed in early childhood but gives way as you enter adulthood. However, among some adults it develops suddenly out of the blue and in some cases becomes real difficult to get rid of the habit. 

Natural Remedies for Nail Biting

Nail biting can result into not only unappealing nails but it can also lead to nail infections and permanently deform the growth of nails. As far as the treatment is concerned, there are medical, cosmetic and natural remedies available. 

Among these remedies, natural remedies for nail biting are the most effective. 

Following are some of the natural ways to get rid of the habit of nail biting:

1) Keep a clipper or a filer nearby. Whenever the urge to bite nails comes or when you find a rough edge on your nails, use the clipper or filer to trim and give it a smooth edge.

2) If your nail is brittle and gives way to rough edge, then dip your nails in warm olive oil for about 15-30 minutes everyday. This will help in strengthening your nails. 

3) If the urge of biting your nails is very strong then inorder to cease yourself from the habit you can try applying hot pepper sauce on your nails or lemon juice or anything bitter. Keep applying it until your habits go away.

4) Some people say that chewing gum keeps them away from the urge so even you can give it a try. It means it will keep your mouth occupied all the while and will help in keeping your mind distracted.

5) Manicure your nails every week. The pleasant sight of your nails would make you stay away from biting nails. 

6) Maintain a daily record about the progress of your nails. This will boost your spirit and will also be helpful in identifying the situation when you most often bite your nails.

7) Always wear a glove when you are at home and keep your hands busy.

Though the habit of nail biting has been referred to as a nervous impulse but there has been no clinical proof that supports this belief. This habit is rather seen to develop when one is inactive, idle and has nothing to do. As far as the causes of nail biting is concerned, a number of people have given their opinions about it but no one is very sure of what are the exact causes of this awful habit.