How to Clear Wrinkles Naturally - 5 Tried and Tested Methods

If you're serious about learning how to clear wrinkles naturally, you should learn more about how you can help your body produce more of collagen and elastin. 

These are substances that keep your skin supple and smooth. Naturally boosting their production in the skin is key in clearing away existing wrinkles and fine lines. In this article I'll cover five tried and tested methods of how to eliminate wrinkles naturally.

How to Clear Wrinkles Naturally - 5 Tried and Tested Methods

These are simple methods, but no means easy. It will take some dedication to follow through with some of them, but it will be well worth it! And once you get into the habit, it will be easier day by day to stick with the new beauty routine. 

If applied consistently, you will see some very impressive results on your skin and most likely also on your body and general health.

#1 - Exercise

Exercising is not a four-letter word. It's fun - once you find something you like. 

The reason most people don't exercise at all is because they haven't found anything they like yet. If you hate running or Cross-Fit, the hip sports of the year - don't do them! But do yoga, or soccer, or wall-climbing instead. Exercise makes you feel and look better all over, plus it boosts your circulation, which is vital for your skin. Good circulation immediately gives you a radiant look.

#2 - Juicing or Homemade Smoothies

You need to have fruit and veg in your diet, if you want to look younger! An easy way to do it is to make juices or smoothies at home. I urgently recommend that you only use organic fruit and vegetables to avoid any toxins. Drink one glass (or more if you like!) a day - try different drinks out to find your favorite mix. No added sugar though!

#3 - Day Cream

Beauty comes from within, but you can help on the outside, too, to let it shine through more easily. At minimum, you should use a natural day cream. An effective day cream will contain ingredients such as super-keratin Xtend TK, Japanese sea kelp Phytessence Wakame and Coenzyme Q10 in its nanoparticle form. All of these ingredients, when applied on the skin, naturally help your body make more collagen and elastin, thus enabling you to rejuvenate from within.

#4 - Night Cream

Once the first wrinkles have appeared, a natural night cream becomes a must. A night cream should be deeply moisturizing and nourishing your skin. This is because during the night your skin regenerates and can easily absorb effective ingredients. Examples of good ingredients in night creams are shea butter, avocado oil, babassu oil and Active Manuka honey. No toxins or synthetic ingredients allowed!

#5 - Eye Serum

Using a natural, effective anti-aging eye serum will help you clear wrinkles under and around your eyes better than just day and night cream alone. Again, it's very important that you only use natural products without any potentially toxic chemicals, because especially in the thin under-eye area they might end up even worsening your wrinkle problem in the long run.