How Does Hypnosis Work

You are tired and want to sleep, your eyes are heavy… you are slowly being transcended to the other world… now you are deep in your sleep…’

Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, this is what we normally see in movies where hypnosis has been depicted in such a way. Watching those we have a stereotype belief that through hypnosis we can let anyone do what we want them to do. The history of hypnosis or hypnotherapy, which is being used to treat physical ailments and psychiatric ailments dates back to the 18th century. 

How Does Hypnosis Work

Though, the word hypnosis has been coined by James Braid, which means nervous sleep. The term hypnosis is derived from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’, which means sleep. However, hypnosis and sleeping are two different things. 

When a person is asleep s/he cannot hear anything but when a person is being hypnotized s/he can hear all that is going on.

Most people have the misconception that during hypnosis the person who has been hypnotized cannot actually hear anything but the therapist’s voice and does not remember anything that goes on during the session. In actual, no such thing happens, the person can hear everything that is going on in the room and remembers everything that is being said during the session. Hypnosis is one such process that heightens the alertness of your mind. It transports you to a state of physical relaxation. But it should not be confused with sleeping, meditation or relaxation though you might see traces of these properties in hypnosis.

Hypnosis works by making the unconscious parts of the brain recognize and conscious. The brain has two parts, the right brain and the left brain. The left brain is analytical and the right brain is non analytical. Hypnosis disables the analytical side of the brain and awakens the non analytical side of the brain. The subconscious mind has to be alerted and made conscious in order to bring about changes in behaviors and attitude. It works in such a way that it manages to change the way the brain interprets things to yourself. When you are being hypnotized the therapist is helping you to reach a state of deep concentration. 

When you reach such a stage, the hypnotist further helps you to introspect yourself.

Though you might have consciously introspected a couple of times and tried to overcome your inabilities but might have failed. So you might even think how this could be possible when you are hypnotized. Always remember the fact that the subconscious mind knows things which even your conscious self might not be aware of. Hypnosis in a way helps you to explore the subconscious part of your mind. A very common misconception about hypnosis is that during the session you are in control of the hypnotist. But in actual, hypnosis helps you to control yourself in a better way.

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