Gene Responsible for Hair Loss or Baldness

Generally, hair loss occurs most commonly among men. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men. The number of men losing hair is comparatively higher as compared to the number of women. Thinning tops, receding lines, slick domes etc are some of the hair loss that men suffer from as they grow older. Or sometimes you tend to lose hair because of some disease. 

Diseases such as thyroid problems, diabetes or lupus contribute to hair loss. 

Poor nutrition, low protein diet or a family history may also be the culprit.

Gene Responsible for Hair Loss or Baldness

A lot of research work has been done on hair loss to study the problem, trying to find a solution for it. The study focused on the genes that cause hair loss in men. It is believed that discovering the ways to prevent follicles shrinking and dying would be the key to cloning and transplanting. And to make this effective, men need to take steps to preserve the healthy follicles.

Baldness is a serious problem for both men and women which need immediate attention. Not only hair loss is a cosmetic problem but it is also a clinical problem as it may be because of some disease or even hereditary. Scientists have so far been able to trace the gene that is responsible for the hair loss. In an earlier research, scientists have found the first gene that was responsible for the hair loss in men. The maternal line was blamed for the inheritance of baldness. However, a very recent study stated that baldness can also be passed on from father to son.

The study pointed out that baldness can be inherited from both mother and father as well. The study was conducted involving 300 bald men. It was found that though women also go bald but 40% men are affected by it. The study further uncovered the fact that more than two genes were involved in the problem. It further pointed out that the findings could lead to new treatments for hair loss. Scientists and researchers are still working to find an effective solution as it concerns the beauty and personality of a person.

Another latest research has made its claim to have discovered the genes which increases the baldness among men 7 times earlier. It was noted that those who are commonly associated with the variation of two genes are more likely to suffer from hair loss 7 times earlier than others. Though, researchers have not been able to find the definite cure for the problem but with the breakthrough they are hopeful that it will help in finding a cure for it.

As in the words of Professor Val Randall, it is easier to prevent it rather to replace hair growth, read on to know more about how to stop hair loss. Read on to know why hair loss and weight loss in men is synonymous.