Feminization Hypnosis - Complete Transformation

Feminization is a process through which one encompasses the physical, mental and emotional self into being a complete woman. Other than the physical characteristics, there are a lot other things that differentiate between a man and a woman. One major characteristic that distinguishes between a man and a woman is the voice. Through this process, it will help you to feel and look more like a woman. Not only this, you will also feel more comfortable in social settings with the feeling of femininity. Feminization hypnosis is self-help hypnosis or it can also be done with the help of a therapist and is very popular among transgender, transsexual or a transvestite.

Feminization Hypnosis - Complete Transformation

Though it is gaining a lot of popularity but many people are still not aware what exactly is feminization hypnosis. In a way, this process helps those transgender, transvestite and transsexual to completely adopt the female persona that they have always dreamt of. In very simple terms, feminization hypnosis is similar to the usual normal hypnosis that reaches out to the brain, trying to convince and instigate that the body is that of a woman and must behave likewise. This process does not help in the treatment of overeating, smoking or some vice characteristics that a person may possess. It simply tries to break in to the consciousness that entraps the feminine side.

The appearance of a man can easily be transformed into the looks of a woman through surgery but how can one transform the essence, voice, behavior and the psychological self. The feminization process helps to knock down all these barriers. Feminization hypnosis works much like any other hypnosis. The therapist helps the patient to relax either with the help of imagery, voice etc. the process works effectively when the patient is totally relaxed. The main purpose of the feminization hypnosis is to make the mind think act and react like a woman. While surgery takes charge of transforming the outer appearance of a person, feminization hypnosis takes charge of transforming the behavioral and emotional aspects of the person.

One known fact is that the mind leads the body. And your thoughts can easily impact your mind. Your body fits into the image that you have in your mind. 

Those around you will try to influence your thoughts with their vicious attitudes. 

The mind falls an easy prey to the outside influence and you start thinking like them. If you want those around you to change their thoughts about you than the first step is to change the way you think about yourself. To bring about a total and complete feminization of yourself, hypnosis will help you a great deal. 

The mind being the most powerful part of your body will help you in becoming a complete woman in its true essence.

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