Different Eye Wrinkles Treatments

Aging is a natural process and in this process of aging, our appearance undergoes many physical changes. Having eye wrinkles is one of these changes. 

The small lines around the eyes, which are also known as crow’s feet, are known as eye wrinkles. Wrinkle occurs when our skin starts to lose its volume and elasticity.

The skin around the under eye area is very sensitive and when we laugh, rub or squint our eyes , fine lines are created, just like fabric gets creases when folded. 

Different Eye Wrinkles Treatments

Wrinkles are formed not only because of age but because of the external environment we come in contact with, like exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun and other harsh climates.

Eye Wrinkles Treatments

Eye wrinkles make it difficult to put eye makeup smoothly. We all know that aging is inevitable, but there are ways to slow down this process. There are lots of treatment options available and by choosing the appropriate treatment, you can diminish these fine lines and control under eye wrinkles.

Different Eye Wrinkles Treatments

There are more than hundred types of creams and lotion available in the market, which claim to reduce or even eliminate eye wrinkles. But the fact is that even though these expensive creams are good enough to moisturize the skin, but they cannot eliminate the fine lines completely.  Some of these creams are so rich that they can irritate the skin or disrupt the balance of natural skin oils.

Eye Wrinkles Treatments

Natural Remedies

Natural and herbal products available in the market work gently on skin to reduce wrinkles while the synthetic and chemical ingredients used in the cosmetic product can disrupt the harmony of the skin and can have harsh side effects.

Herbs like Dandelion are used for detoxifying the skin naturally. It purifies the blood and lymphatic system and as a result, skin becomes healthy and fine lines disappear, making the whole facial skin glow.

Herb spirulina is very effective in lessening fine lines and scarring by promoting skin metabolism. A biochemic tissue salt which contains essential components of living cells known as Natrium muriaticum can maintain the body’s water balance and removes fine lines and wrinkles.

Some other herbs like Rosemary and Horsetail are effective in soothing, toning and strengthening the texture of under eye skin and herbs like Silicea nourishes the skin from within.

Some Other Treatments Available For Eye Wrinkle Are

Botox and fillers treatment can be done. But as the skin around the eye is too thin, this procedure is not considered appropriate.

For eliminating wrinkles, Thermage is a new treatment which tightens the skin around the eye area and upper lid because of which the line and wrinkles becomes invisible. This non-surgical treatment is done using the principal of radio-frequency.

Eye Wrinkles Treatments

This non-invasive treatment requires no injection or surgery.  Only few drops of local anesthetic drops are used to perform the procedure and it takes approximately one to two hours to perform.

No down time is required. You can go about your normal work immediately after the treatment. Benefit of this procedure can last for a minimum of six years.

Silk touch and Fraxel is a laser procedure to eliminate wrinkles. But it should be performed if your dermatologist recommends it, depending on your skin type.