Breast Cancer Drugs for Breast Cancer Treatment

There are a number of new Breast cancer drugs that the researchers have come up with, which claim an effective breast cancer treatment. This new discovery has given a more solid promise for the treatment of the disease and a ray of hope for those living with breast cancer.

Tamoxifen is one drug which is given for five years for the treatment of the disease. However, a new study has found that the recurrence of early cancer can be reduced in women by switching over to a new medicine called exemestane. It was found that women who took this drug that is being sold under the brand name Aromasin experienced fewer side effects.

Breast Cancer Drugs for Breast Cancer Treatment

In addition it was also found that those who are on this drug are less likely to develop unrelated cancer in other parts of the body and are 56% less likely to develop cancer on the other breast.

Latest studies have also found that these new drugs not only fight against breast cancer but also cut the risk of the recurrence of the disease.

It was found that a new drug called aromatase inhibitors helps in the treatment of those women who are suffering from the advanced stage breast cancer.

The growth of breast cancer depends on the presence of estrogens. Older women who are going through menopause also produce estrogen and this harbors the growth of cancer. Tamoxifen blocks the effects of estrogen and once the pill is stopped, the cancer recurs. And this is where the new drug proves more beneficial. Aromatase inhibitors do not block the effects but prevents the production of estrogen.

Another study has also found that the drug which helps in strengthening the bones also helps in fighting against breast cancer. Zometa is one such drug if given in the initial stage shrinks the tumor and in most instances do not require radical surgery. It was found that the use of zometa which is generally given to prevent bone loss also cuts down the risk of cancer recurring in women.

Researchers are still working on to discover newer methods to eradicate cancer. 

Other than these drugs, there are many other drugs such as Tykerb, Xeloda, and Pertuzumab etc. that helps in the treatment of breast cancer. Very recently an Indian based company has also launched the first nano- technology drug called Albupax for the breast cancer treatment.

But one thing you should never ignore before going for these medications on your own is to consult your doctor. Any medicinal drug has its own benefits and side effects too. So, to avoid any toll over your health, give full importance to what your doctor says. The above information is just for general purposes, not a prescription.