Best Natural Options for Arrhythmia Treatment

Arrhythmia, more specifically known as cardiac arrhythmia, is a condition characterized by irregularity in a person’s heart beats. The constant and normal rhythm of our heart, which is responsible for ensuring proper blood flow in the body, becomes unnoticeable.

The main problem arises when the electrical impulses, which synchronize heartbeats, fail to function properly, due to which the heartbeat gets out of rhythm and starts beating with irregular patterns. Though the condition is quite common, but in some cases it becomes too serious and requires medical attention.

Best Natural Options for Arrhythmia Treatment

Arrhythmia can be treated in two different ways. First of all, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent future arrhythmia attacks. On the other hand, steps can be taken to treat the cases in which arrhythmia has already occurred. If you have been diagnosed with arrhythmia and are looking for natural treatment options for the condition, read on.

Eliminate Stimulants From Diet

Remove all substances that can act as triggers for arrhythmia from your diet such as tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol. Try this strategy for few weeks and notice the apparent disparity in your heartbeat. This treatment option can be effective because arrhythmia usually occurs due to intake of certain stimulants.

Herbal Remedies To Treat Arrhythmia

Use of certain herbs can be quite effective in treating arrhythmia as they can help to regulate our heartbeat. Some of the effective herbal options include:


This is an extremely powerful herb that can be quite effective in providing relief to people who often experience sudden attacks of enhanced heartbeats.

Simply take 2 tablespoons of the cornflower and steep them in boiling water for about an hour. Then take this solution thrice each day at least 15 minutes before your meals.


This is one of the most effective natural tonics for the heart and has been used in a number of heart related remedies.

Lemon Balm / Valerian Root

For those people who experience irregularity in their heartbeats in the form of a chronic disorder, herbal remedies such as valerian root, motherwort, or lemon balm which have great sedative and relaxing properties, can be quite relaxing.

Melissa Officinalis

Prepare an infusion using a tablespoon of Melissa steeped in about 400 ml of water and allow it to rest for many hours. This infusion should be taken at least thrice every day in amounts of 100 grams each time.


Flowers of this plant is another great remedy for treating the problem of irregular heartbeats.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb helps in regulating the heart functions, makes the blood vessels stronger and improves circulation.

Reishi Mushroom

This herb helps in boosting the heart functioning. Not only this, it also regulates our cardiovascular system and allows blood to flow smoothly in and out of the heart as well as in the entire body.

Due to this, it has been found to be quite effective in treating the problem of high cholesterol as well.

Vitamin Supplements

A large number of healthcare providers recommend the intake of vitamin supplements for people suffering from arrhythmia as a preventive remedy. 

Intake of Calcium, Vitamin D, Lady’s slipper and skull cap is recommended.


Since arrhythmia can also be triggered due to lack of potassium, intake of potassium rich foods such as bananas is recommend to alleviate the problem of arrhythmia.