Benefits of Hypnosis

Defining hypnosis in a term which is acceptable by everyone is simply just not possible. Though every one agrees to the fact there is a certain thing called hypnosis but no one is much aware of what goes on in it. Since the last many years the subject of hypnosis has been studied scientifically. Through the study it was found that hypnosis is a valuable technique for recreation and can be used as a treatment for certain disease. The benefits of Hypnosis as a treatment are many as it has powerful healing powers. However, so far it continues to raise the eyebrows of researchers and layman alike as no breakthrough has been made regarding what actually happens in the process.

Benefits of Hypnosis

As stated by Carol Ginandes, the head of the research group, hypnosis has been used in medicine for treatment of anxiety, pain, ease of nausea, etc. It is also helpful in the treatment of phobias (such as height phobia), smoking, colitis, warts, headache and blood pressure. Girandes’s research has revealed that hypnosis can ease the pain and heal scar that develops after going through breast surgery. At the same it also helps in reducing hot flashes attacks. Hot flashes are very common among breast cancer survivor. Another study has revealed that hypnosis also helps in treating those who are often a victim of hot flash attacks.

According to the study performed by the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, it was found that among those who received hypnotic therapy, there was a 68% decrease in hot flash. Those who have been hypnotized for the treatment also added that they underwent less anxiety and depression. As a result of which their sleep improved and there are also improvements in their ability to do the daily activities. Hypnosis also helps those with panic attacks and proves beneficial to those who are traumatized.

Hypnosis also contributes to losing weight. Those who are on diet may have seen effective changes in losing weight but maintaining had been a pretty tough job. Since the body obeys the commands of the mind, it might be tough to control the desires if the mind is not in harmony with the body. But hypnosis re-educates the sub conscious mind, so that by the end of the first session, the person no longer desires to eat unhealthy diet. This, being one reason, hypnosis has been very effective in losing weight and maintaining it for long.

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