Your Daughter's Clothes

Indian parents are not so comfortable with certain items of clothing for their daughters. They find some clothing to be obscene. Children should be given freedom to wear the dress they want then only they will respect the wishes of their parents and will not do anything radical.

Your Daughter's Clothes

Indian parents often shudder at the idea of letting their daughters wear certain items of clothing. The mini-skirt is frowned upon as not being a part of Indian culture, and so are spaghetti straps, halter tops or anything remotely sexy. Any wonder then that when your children are grown up enough to make their own decisions, they go overboard? When they finally have the freedom to wear forbidden clothing, they will pick up the shortest mini they can find, or the most revealing top they lay their hands on. But if you have been semi-open to their ideas and fashion trends, you may not have so much reason to worry about them getting carried away.

The Mini

More often than not your daughter may not realize what looks obscene and what does not, so it is fine if you stop your daughter from wearing certain items of clothing. Roma's mother strictly forbade Roma from wearing mini-skirts. The result? Roma would carry her mini-skirt with her to a friend's house, and change into it over there before going out. Remember, your daughter will develop her own tastes and sense of style as she grows older. Now, in her teens, don't force her into what you believe looks elegant. Let her wear what her friends are wearing. Contrary to what you may believe, your daughter probably does not want to wear the mini-skirt to look sexy and provocative. She probably wants to wear it because she thinks it looks cute. Casual denim mini-skirts are almost a rite of passage for teenagers, and it would be a shame if you outright deny her this. If you are not too domineering, your daughter will not be tempted to wear anything very radical. If you give your daughter a certain amount of freedom, she will respect the few restrictions you lay on her. But if everything is restricted, your daughter is likely to wear whatever she likes behind your back. 

So if your daughter wants to buy a mini-skirt, don't issue an outright denial. 

Instead, go shopping with her so the two of you can come to a compromise on the length.

The Halter

The halter is another item of clothing most parents frown upon, which is a shame considering that the halter is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. 

It can be worn with anything, and at anytime. A causal halter can be worn during the day for a shopping expedition in an Indian summer, in the evening for a cup of coffee, or at night. A halter shows off the shoulder lines, and it often also bares the top quarter of the back. If your daughter is a slim teenager with slim upper-arms, chances are that she will be able to carry off a halter with grace, so if she expresses an interest in wearing one, let her. You may not be very comfortable with the halters that bare the back, so compromise and go in for one which has a halter neck, but a full back. You could also suggest that she go in for a halter with a high neckline.