What Should Your Toddler Learn

OK so now you are done with the initial stages of caring for your baby when he was a newborn. You have successfully come past the baby tantrums during the first few months and are now ready to deal with the next stage in your toddler’s life. Parents want to be a part of each and every moment in their baby’s life and so it is very obvious that now when your baby will enter his toddler years you would definitely want to have some knowledge regarding how to deal with your kid’s toddler years.

What Should Your Toddler Learn

Toddler years are considered to be some of the most important as well as crucial years in the life of any child. So as parents you would of course be quite curious about what your baby should learn during his toddler years. There are many things that should be learnt by a toddler when he is between 15-18 months in age. As a matter of fact these are some very crucial years in a child’s life and to an extent it is up to the parents how they handle it along with their toddler.

The time spent by parents with their kids during this phase of their child’s life decides the path that the kid’s life will ultimately take. Starting from the kind of food that you introduce to your child you can also teach a variety of skills as well as games to your child. Inspiration and motivation are two things that is required by toddlers to any task. At this stage of their life they are starting to learn about the coordination of their brain and body parts along with the muscle control. Tasks such as kicking a small ball or further complicated tasks can be taught by you to your kid once he starts to walk and run. A desire to move continuously is naturally present in all of the toddlers and this fact should be taken advantage of by trying to make him learn whatever is possible.


Here we provide parents of all children who are going to enter their toddler years some things which their kids should learn:

Playing games : A little inspiration and motivation is all that is required to teach your toddler a wide variety of games. But some effort would have to be put by you until the skill is learnt properly by your kid. Don’t panic or get irritated if your kid has a slower learning capacity. You should avoid making comparisons even with your kid’s elder sibling and acknowledge the fact that each toddler is different.

Eating on their own : You should teach your kid to eat himself without your help. But initially your kid will spoil and split the food around. This process can go up to one or even two months. This process would definitely be time taking and you should be well prepared for it. But always keep on stimulating and motivating your toddler.

Developing skills : Toddlers learn and play in a way that is completely natural. You should also enlighten him about various colors, preparing things from dough which is artificial, putting rings into stands, color and draw and performing many such activities.

Reading : Bring books which contain attractive as well as big pictures and read stories to your kid from it. There is a variety of interesting story books available for toddlers. Now days personalized books are also available which may provide some kind of interest to your child. Reading habits will also be developed in your kid if you read at least one story before bedtime to him.

Introduce him to the environment around him : Subjects such as geography and others in which your kid is interested in should be introduced to him by you. You should make a dedicated attempt to explore your child’s interest and also allow him to explore this world on the atlas. It would prove to be an enjoyable experience for him and he would be aware of almost everything even before he visits school.

Getting ready to go to school : Teach your kid to get in the habit of getting ready for school. However don’t hurry things up. This process should begin once your kid is independent enough to handle certain things. Teach your kid how to search for the right colors and bring the right things besides knowing how to feed himself.

It is quite a big field as far as learning is concerned for a toddler. You should gauge the circumstances as well as your kid’s grasping power before proceeding with your efforts to start the learning process of your toddler. It should be ensured by you that the entire training session is being enjoyed to the fullest by your toddler.