What Should I Carry When Traveling With Kids and Toddler

Traveling is the way to relax from our busy lives. But traveling with toddlers can be cumbersome if not planned properly. It can prove to be a way to build a strong family relationship by traveling with them if properly planned. The flights nowadays allow you to bring only a small carry-on bag in which you have to adjust your things just to make way for your child’s needs.

That’s not a problem anymore since we will share with you the must-haves in your carry-on bags.

What Should I Carry When Traveling With Kids and Toddler

Diapers - 

It is ideal to carry two diapers for every hour that we are out, plus five more for delay allowances.

Wipes -

Carrying two packs of wipe is ideal.

Blankets -

Next which is very essential is to carry a blanket. You may never thought of bringing it since it will occupy much space in your bags butwait…. Blankets could be used in many ways! You could use them as pillows, as a curtain for changing pads and others. Despite its weight, blanket is really a must-have thing so better prepare them before the flight.

Baby food -  

This is also a must since planes only allow you to bring 3-ounce liquid or gel and never expect that the travel company will provide you baby foods because airplane companies nowadays are having a tight budget.

Storybooks -

Carry storybooks for your child to make sure that he will not be bored during the trip. If you are that bookworm type, take books for yourself too.

Pacifiers/lollipops -

Pacifiers, lollipops and other things for child to suck on will help minimize the pressure brought by plane travels.

Toys -

Do not forget their favorite toys too. You might end up pissed off with your child because he cried the whole trip asking for his favorite toy.

Snacks -

Carrying snacks is also important since not all foods offered during the travel would pass your health standards.

Extra clothes -

Extra clothes are necessary for long trips. However, it is not mandatory for short trips. Remember to carry extra clothes for some unexpected events like food spills.

The above things may not be applicable to everyone since we have different lifestyles and preferences. However, the above things are applicable to most moms. The three most important things listed here are usually the necessities of Toddlers while traveling.

That’s it! Always remember the three most important things: 

Diapers, blanket and baby food.

For long trips, bring also extra clothes. By carrying these, you are certain that your trip will be enjoyable with your kids. Do not allow your trip be ruined just because you have taken these tips for granted. Have a happy trip!