What is the Right Way to Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the shield of protection for human skin against the harmful UV radiations of the sun's rays. It has become essential for all of us to use a good one during the daytime. But the question arises, how and why to apply a sunscreen...

What is the Right Way to Apply Sunscreen

If you don't know the right reason and the method of the product you are using, then you might not get the proper and effective results. Actually, this item amazingly reduces the amount of solar radiations that your skin absorbs. It gives protection from both incidental and a long time exposure when you go out in an open sun. Thus, here is an outlook on how to apply a sunscreen:

Why to apply a sunscreen?

Applying sunscreens reduces the amount of sun radiations your skin absorbs. It even keeps the effect of harmful ultra violet rays at a bay. Thus, this product keeps the worries of the development of skin cancers aside. In fact,  according to Pharmacy Times Magazine, sunscreen reduces the chances of the occurrence of skin cancers by 78 percent. And the earlier you start using it, the better it would be. It contains SPF which is called sun protection factor. Thus, it plays the role of your skin's savior from the hot sun radiations.

What is the right way to apply sunscreen

Use the sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before you decide to go out. This will help the components of this item to attach to your skin a strong shield. And here is the right method of its application:

First of all, shake the bottle of sunscreen properly before you take out the lotion from it. It will mix all the particles properly and evenly in the whole container.

Second, make sure that you take out a good amount of lotion from the bottle as some people just take its small drops on their hands. But, do not fear to apply a bit more of this lotion than to not to apply it in a proper amount.

Third, apply this lotion to all the parts that are gonna get exposed to the sun. This basically includes, your face, neck, ears, arms, hands and your legs plus feet.

Fourth, do re-apply your sunscreen after you have spent a quality time in the sun, say like 3-4 hours. This is because after staying outdoor for so long time, your lotion might minimize its effects of giving the layer of protection from UV rays. 

While using your sunscreen lotion, do check its expiry date as some people often get confused whether they can apply their last summer's lotion or not. 

Thus, take care of yourself and do enjoy a great health!!!