What is the Right Age for Joining Preschool

If you are planning of enrolling your baby in a preschool then you have to know the right age of joining preschool by our baby. Here we are going to discuss some important facts that help you get an idea about right age of baby when he can join the preschool. Deciding the right age for your baby is not an easy task for the parents. Parents have different reason for enrolling their babies in preschool at an early age. The most reason is parents are working and they want to see their baby in right hand only where child can develops properly.

What is the Right Age for Joining Preschool

Most of the parents enroll their child in preschool at the age of two or two and half years. But it is not necessary that your child is fully mentally prepared at this stage. Parents want to make them familiar with the social environment so they want to enroll their child in a reputed preschool at an early age. In order to determine the right age, it is necessary to analyze his experience outside the preschool.

There are a lots of facts that can help you in creating school like environment at your home. Bring a lot of story books and superhero books at your home. All books should be informative and inspirational for your baby. You can also buy educational toy for your baby. Also create social atmosphere at your home by inviting friends and relatives at your home.

If your child grows up in such a healthy environment then you don’t have to enroll your child in a preschool at an early age. But parents have to give enough time for the babies. Also participate in play activities with your baby. Child should not feel the study as burden. Make the learning as fun for him. It is commonly found that some children like to interact with small babies. On the other hand, some kids like to interact with adult babies.

Before enrolling your child in preschool, it is necessary that he should be able to take care of himself. He should be properly potty trained and should be able to carry himself properly. It is found that child stay in group normally suffer from ear infection. It is necessary to give proper care to the baby for eliminating any health disorder. If you are not able to give positive environment at home then it would be better to enroll your baby in preschool at an early age.

Shyness is the common problem faced by preschool babies. Slowly it gets eliminated but persistent shyness can cause a lot of problem for your baby. 

Here are some important facts that can help you in overcoming shyness. First, it is necessary to understand the main reason of shyness. Sometimes it may be the sign that your baby is not comfortable in a particular situation. Shyness is a common problem with the preschoolers. They don’t like to participate in social activities or interact with the strangers.

It would be better if it eliminates with time otherwise it can be a barrier in the success of your child. If parents are aware about shyness at the right age then they may take appropriate action at the right time. It is very sad that it may take several years for the parents to realize the shy nature of their baby. Child learns a lot from his parents. So parents should be ideal example for his child. 

They try to imitate the respond of their parents towards social activities and behave the same in their future. You should be more careful when you are around your preschooler.

Don’t forget to greet the stranger with Hi or Hello. Make effective communication with the strangers. Also introduce your preschooler with your friends or relatives. Ask him to greet the strangers in the same humble way. 

Always ready to help the needy people. Your behavior should be calm with others. Don’t forget to get involve into social gatherings every time. This is the best time to make meet your preschooler with number of strangers and notice his behavior with others. If he still feels shy then you can do more work over him.

The next important step is to give him some time for preparing himself. 

Encourage him to participate in group discussions, workshops and various other activities. This is best way to make him more confident before strangers and his friends. If he is facing some problem then ask him to solve the problem itself. In this way, he would become more responsible and able to handle the every possible itself. You should prepare your child for every worst situation of the life.

Teach him to think positive in every negative situation. Give him small responsibilities according to his age. Ask his view for different situation and problem. Also encourage him for his positive qualities and success. This would help him in keeping the same track for the complete life. Ask him personally what makes him nervous among others then solve the problem lovingly. This reaction would have the positive effect on your baby. You should be a good listener and hear every reason of your baby patiently. Sometimes healthy communication is enough for eliminating shyness.

Most of the babies are afraid of the teachers. In this situation takes him to the teacher and interact in a friendly way. Make him realize that there is nothing to get afraid of the teacher. Teachers are also like parents for the preschoolers. 
Only parents can make them realize this fact through healthy communication with their kids. Teachers should also react positively and tell them that they are available for every problem and playing with them.

Create social environment at your home and also prepare him for the social activities and outdoor games. This environment would give him a chance of interacting with strangers. The article concludes that only parents can help their babies in overcoming shyness. It is quite a challenge for them without becoming too hard for their babies.