What is Insight Meditation

Insight meditation, as the term suggests, is a way of introspection with the help of meditation. Insight meditation is a part of Buddhist meditation and it leads to the transformation of the mind, body and soul by self-observation. It is also known as Vipassana meditation and it is one of the ancient techniques of meditation. Buddha himself preached as well as practiced insight meditation as a way to get enlightenment and being based on the teachings of the Buddha, it became a Buddhist tradition. 

What is Insight Meditation

Vipassana or insight meditation guides a person towards better understanding of things happening in and around his/her life which results in the end of suffering because of greater wisdom. We learn to look at things with a new outlook that leads us towards a serene and free mind. It leads to self-transformation as well as better functioning of the five senses. This deep spiritual experience sometimes leads to the functioning of ‘sixth sense’ but for that it demands a greater level of concentration. One of the very common flaws of human nature is its desperation to get everything. Insight meditation leads to the freedom from this desperation by calming the mind and clearing the vision. It makes a person focus on the ultimate awareness of mind thereby establishing a healthy relationship between the mind, body and soul. 

Insight meditation is the self-exploration and a quest to know what you should know. It helps a great deal in generating the energy of goodwill and sustaining the attention towards this positive energy without distraction. One experiences a divine bliss after doing the Vipassana meditation and it gradually leads to the freedom from the bondages of birth and death. It purifies the heart, removes any type of negativity and freshens up the inner self with a new sense of optimism. It develops the feeling of well-being, removes the desperation and prepares the human being to face the challenges without any worry, stress or fear. In short, Vipassana is a must to make your life an exciting as well as an eternal experience. This deep experience will add more sense to your existence. So what are you waiting for? Just make insight meditation a part and parcel of your lifestyle.         

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