What Causes Hemroids

What causes hemroids is what most of us want to know so that we can lead a healthy and comfortable life again! So, here is the information:

1. The main cause that leads to the birth of hemroids over a human body is the excessive pressure forced over the veins of the pelvic and the rectal systems while passing stool. And this pressure leads to the swelling of the veins which get highly prone to damage. The hemroid sufferer may experience itching and irritation in and around the anus. Though these symptoms are not a dangerous sign of any disease but the discomfort they cause to the sufferer can lead to weakness if not treated in time.

What Causes Hemroids

The increasing pressure on the veins may lead to the damaging of the nearby tissues resulting into blood in the stool.

2. Another such reason for causing hemroids is the manner of passing the stool. Wrong habit of passing the stool like not providing sufficient time to pass stool- In this way the large intestine is damaged while passing the fecal waste. This results in rupturing of veins and damaging the tissues.

Constipation- continued suffering from constipation might lead to its aggravated form called hemroids, bleeding in the passing of stool.

Diarrhea- Too frequent passing of stool also leads to the damage of the intestine causing hemroids. Though the fecal matter is soft yet its repetitions may cause the symptoms of hemroids.

Lack of liquid intake- A daily diet lacking in sufficient water intake makes your stool dry and hard that causes hemroids.

Sudden lifting of heavy weights- This puts extra pressure on veins and tissues causing hemroids. But this is not found among those who are used to lift heavy weights in routine rather this affects to a greater level to those who are obese or overweight.

Pregnancy and hemroids- During delivery time, maximum pressure is put on the anal system (when the baby is coming out).

Heart and Liver diseases- When blood is pooled in and around the pelvic system, the enlarging of the veins leads to Hemroids.

Some more causes of hemroids

All these harmful habits in your routine lead to excessive heat in your body thereby resulting in hemroids. Anybody and everybody can experience at any stage of life.

So,  get rid of hemroids forever by making efforts to change your lifestyle to a greater extent. And this asks for a lot of patience and faith in your own efforts. 

Do not expect anybody to come and to treat your problem with some magic or whatever. Be real. 

Time is too precious for those who want to live in the real sense. Its not wise enough to lead a life full of problems of which you yourself are the rootcause. 

You are your own doctor.