Using Skin Toners for Your Dry Skin

You have always been proud of your beautiful skin and radiant complexion that came to you naturally. You never had to use any skin toners or oils for as long as you can remember. But, what happened suddenly as you enter your mid pregnancy? Your skin appears dry and you may also experience itchiness or flaky skin. You also find rashes, blotches or stretch marks in different parts of your body. You may even long for the skin you once had and won you the "Ms. Beautiful Skin".

Using Skin Toners for Your Dry Skin

Most skin toners available in the market serve some specific purpose. For example, sunscreen lotions are meant to reduce the itchiness when you are exposed to the sun. You can consult your doctor and check out the wide range of body lotions, creams, moisturisers, oils such as coconut oils, neem oils and 

Vitamin E enriched oils. These include almond oil and olive oils. You may also pamper yourself with a massage using the toners recommended by your doctor. 

But, resist the urge to scratch yourself much as you find it tempting to do so. 

Application of Lactocalamine is a great way to soothe your itchy skin. Some soaps are specially manufactured for your sensitive skin.

Skin toners are often readily available in your local medical stores. Dove, Ponds, Himalaya Herbals, Ever Youth, Garnier and Nivea are just but a few of the brands that produce a range of skin toners for various types of skin. 

Parachute is a well known coconut oil that is easily available. Dabur India Limited is a key manufacturer and supplier of almond and olive oils.