Types of Steroids for Asthma

As far as the types of steroids available for the treatment of asthma are concerned, corticosteroids is the steroid that effectively helps in the treatment of the condition, as it helps in soothing the inflammation of the respiratory tract. 

The drug can either be swallowed or inhaled or can also be taken in the liquid form. Though inhalation may not be so powerful in its immediate effect but as far as long term treatments are concerned, it would be much safer. When the steroids is injected or taken orally or intravenous infusion, it may have a powerful impact both positive as well as negative, as it travels through the blood stream. 

Types of Steroids for Asthma

Oral pills or liquid form of steroids are prescribed for the treatment of very severe condition of asthma which has become quite difficult to control. The oral pills or the liquid form is prescribed only for a short duration as undesirable side effects can result from oral steroid pills. Once the condition has improved and has become manageable then the oral pills are discontinued. Other forms of treatment substitutes it. Depending on the severity of the condition, the dosage of steroids may vary. 

For long term treatments of asthma, inhaled steroids are the best as it contains very low doses of steroids and the side effects are quite unusual. However, inhaling steroids can cause your voice to grow weaker as it can weaken the vocal chords muscle when it is being touched by the steroids. Yet it is helpful for children to reduce the asthma attacks. It also assists the lungs to function better. Thus steroid inhalers are the most effective medications in controlling the asthma attacks with minimal negative side effects than any other from of treatments.
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