True 'Colours' of Your Child

A child's personality can be deduced from his preference for a specific colour. 

Colours influence personality of a child. Here we have given the personality traits for colours in a rainbow.

True 'Colours' of Your Child

Colour choice can betray a child's personality.

Witnessing children realise their full potential is an unalloyed source of joy for parents. All parents hope and expect their children to utilise their potential to the optimum. Different parents have different ways of nurturing and bringing out the best in their children. Although this task of gauging children's inherent qualities seems difficult, there are ways to accomplish it. Did you know that a child's colour preference could provide a key to his or her personality? Holi, the festival of colour provides a chance to find out more about your child's personality.  

Know your rainbow:

VIOLET- The 'violet' fixation makes the child very productive and spiritual. He or she generally shows benevolent feelings towards others. The child will be very witty and observant and likes to indulge in the luxuries of life. 

INDIGO - The 'indigo' choice shows your child is highly creative, but very disciplined as well. He or she has good powers of analysis and is also highly intuitive. 

BLUE - The choice of 'blue' denotes honesty, balance and optimism. The child will be extremely sober and sensitive and may try to avoid stressful situations. 

GREEN - The preference for 'green' betrays idealism and good moral values. He or she also likes to socialise but can be very jealous and possessive.

YELLOW- A 'yellow' preference denotes a wise, reliable and understanding child. He or she is also creative and imaginative. However, such a child can be reserved by disposition. 

ORANGE - A special liking for 'orange' shows the child is very ambitious, energetic and creative. It also denotes a pleasant and friendly personality. However, such a child can be quite nervous and restless. 

RED - The choice of 'red' shows your child is energetic, enthusiastic, exuberant, passionate and optimistic. However, such a child can be extremely emotional and impulsive. He or she will always reach the top in any organisation or position of power.