Tonsillitis Treatment - All About Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis Treatment - all about tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the throat which is very common among children. Depending upon the causes of the tonsil infection, the treatment of it varies. If you are suffering from the infection, then to a large extent you can help yourself fight against it. First thing you should do, is to take adequate rest and secondly, have plenty to eat, otherwise, it might lead to other symptoms such as headache, fatigue etc.

Tonsillitis Treatment - All About Tonsillitis

In addition, you can also:

1) gargle with warm salt water
2) drink plenty of soup, tea and broth or any other soothing drinks
3) You can also take an antibiotic or medication to help you reduce the fever.

As mentioned earlier, the tonsillitis cure purely depends on the causes of it. If it is caused by virus, then very little can be done. Antibiotics would be of least help in such a case. The best possible thing that one can do is to take some medicine to reduce the pain and inflammation, and let the virus take its own course. For in the next couple of days your immune system will fight against the infection and clear it. It may take a week or two to recover from it.

The physician would prescribe you with an antibiotic, if the inflammation is caused by bacteria. Strep bacteria are one of the major causes of tonsillitis and it is important to take the whole course of the medication as prescribed in order to kill the bacteria. Penicillin and erythromycin are the medicines usually prescribed to get rid of the inflammation.

If a sore develops on the tonsil, then it is treated by allowing the pus to drain either with a needle or a syringe or by cutting it with a scalpel. Usually, oral penicillin is required to be taken for at least 10 days. Though you might feel better in a day or two but it is recommended that you must complete the prescribed course.

However, tonsillitis cure with the help of antibiotics is of not much help. As the time taken to completely recover is almost the similar to the time taken without medication.

If the inflammation is chronic or recurrent and occurs more frequently in a year then your physician may advise you to go for a surgery. However, among the adults, tonsillectomy is rarely needed, but it may be recommended for children provided that your child suffers serious throat infection frequently. Surgery may also be recommended if your tonsils are blocking the breathing process or the antibiotic treatment is ineffective. It may take about to two weeks to recover from the surgery but your child will be discharged on the day of the surgery.

Tonsillectomy is a surgery in which the tonsil is removed. And there are certain risks associated with it, for instance, excessive bleeding, effects of anesthesia etc. And it is not guaranteed that after removing your tonsils you may not suffer from further severe throat infections.

Apart from these treatments, there are other alternative treatments which you can do at home. For example, herbal remedies, dietary supplements and various other natural products which may help you to cope up with the infection. You can also opt for several types of home remedies, which will help you in the long run without any side effects.