Tips on How to Teach Toddlers

Have you ever noticed that when you take your little kid out for a small walk outside there are about a thousand things that he questions you about? You try to answer as many queries as you can but after a period of time you tend to get a little bit irritated by his questions. As a parent you need to understand the fact that it is an age where your toddler is quite curious about various things in his surroundings. Instead of getting irritated you should deal with his queries in a calm manner so that their energy can be channeled in a right direction. After all he is just a kid and he expects to get all his answers from none other than his parents.

It is not necessary to subject your tiny tots to a structured way of learning. The fact that the kids are eternally curious you should as parents try to harness your child’s curiosity so that it is channeled in a proper direction.

Tips on How to Teach Toddlers

The tips given in this article will prove to be quite helpful to parents in devising relaxed, new and fun ways through which you can teach your kid to recognize numbers, colours as well as letters. It should always be kept in mind that audio (hearing), visual (seeing) as well as kin aesthetic (doing and touching) are the methods that go down very well with children. You may try them out and see the results for yourself.

Sing to your kid while he is washing his hands

It is a very common practice by little children that they don’t clean their hands properly after they have been to the washroom or before they sit down to take their meals. You should make it a habit of singing to your kid some kind of alphabet song when he is washing his hands so that the exercise is treated like a fun game. Your child will learn a lesson besides getting his hands washed.;


Place the chapattis in front of your kid on the dining table and ask him to identify the various shapes. Now break the chapatti into a number of pieces with square bites, rectangle bites as well as triangle bites. This proves to be a fun way of teaching a variety of shapes to your toddler and your toddler also stops fussing much over eating the food. Point out to your kid round plates, round bowl and square or rectangular table.
Colour game – play it with your little one

Initially just a single colour say red should be picked for a single day. All the red objects should be pointed out to your toddler during the course of the day. 

While your kid is busy playing with various toys you can separate all his red toys into a separate heap.  While the whole family is having dinner you can show to your kid vegetables which are red in colour like carrot, tomato or beetroot. 

Whenever you go outside you can show to him all the red things around.

Usage of flash cards

Flash cards are believed to be one of the most popular teaching aids. They can be either bought from the market or you can also make them yourself getting your creativity into play. A separate set of flash cards for numbers, alphabets, shapes, colours, fruits as well as vegetables may be kept. You can simply put the flash cards in front of your child whenever he is getting bored and ask him to identify the particular object. It will prove to be a fun exercise as well besides enhancing his knowledge.

Make use of your creative side

You can invent new and interesting games for your kid. For instance you may try out drawing variety of shapes like squares, triangles, stars and rectangles with the help of coloured chalks on floor. Now play hopping game with your kid. 

You can give him instructions as he jumps from Blue Square to red star and further on to the orange rectangle. A competition may be held between two friends and they can instruct each other along with scoring points.

Use tools which are familiar

Your kid’s favourite objects may be made use of so as to teach him letter recognition such as P stands for papa, N stands for Noddy and others. Numbers can be taught to your kid by counting with him the peas which are kept on his plate. Addition and subtraction can also be easily taught to him.

You will very soon realize that there are a wide variety of learning tools which are already present around you and which can prove to be of great help to you in teaching your children many useful things. You just need to be more aware and keep yourself up to date about the latest advancements.