Tips for Helping Shy Children

Shyness is a common characteristic observed amongst most of the children. 

However, it is not so difficult to help children overcome shyness. As a parent, you can play an important role in helping your shy child. Read on to know how you can help children overcome shyness.

Tips for Helping Shy Children

Shyness is a normal characteristic of early childhood as the world is indeed too big for your tiny angel. With age, the kid gains confidence and the shyness gradually vanish. A lot factors cause shyness in children. Some researchers opine that it is primarily caused by genetic characteristics. It is also shaped by parental attitudes and when they are overprotective, they end up making their child too conscious and thereby shy. Family relationships and having domineering siblings can also result in making the child shy. 

First of all, parents need to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of shyness. At times the kids might well feel a bit awkward in this adult world and when they are more often than not told to do certain things in a certain way, they can get a bit flustered. All that is required in this state is that make the child feel easy and comfortable in expressing herself. After all, shyness is defined as the feeling of being uncomfortable in particular social situations. And these situations are those that interfere with the kid’s ability to enjoy him self or perform or attain a standard that is expected of him. This basically result in his desire to avoid the situation altogether. 

Shyness must not be viewed as a personality trait, but as a feeling that needs to be addressed. Even a small act can make a huge difference in the child’s little world. If you show the willingness to recognize the child’s feelings, he will feel safe in his environment. He will be in a better position to express him self without being overtly conscious or afraid. 

Here are a few steps in which you can easily go about it:

Accept shyness as a normal behavior - It would be interesting to note that 50% of the adult population in USA is considered to be shy. Given this data, well, you can say that shyness is not a big deal! Shyness is a problem when people are embarrassed by it and keep to themselves.

Compare your shy child to other successful people who had been shy in their childhood. It boosts their confidence and gives them a feeling of reassurance. In this process mention names of great leaders, inventors or entertainers and tell stories about their lives and give accounts of their real life events where they had been shy.

As you talk or chat with your child, portray shy people being more talented or courageous than the average person. This will make them feel empowered encourage them to attain higher standards.

Be in regular touch - Children become shy when they are not able to express themselves. Give them opportunity to express themselves, appreciate their efforts, their achievements and talents and pay attention in a normal way. Do not make them feel that something is out of place and so you are concentrating more on him.

Entrust them with a job - Shy children need two vital conditions to feel comfortable. They must have a valid reason to interact with others and they must be made to feel that they too can make a contribution. Give them a responsibility and the required push to get started, and then just back his efforts; you will get amazing results.

Comment and acknowledge - Shy children crave for attention and also dread it. So, be particular about the way you are bestowing your attention. Make it a positive one by acknowledging the effort put in by the child and appreciate the results. Post their achievement and show them how others are also appreciating their success. Compliments can do wonders.

As a parent you can play an important role in boosting confidence of your child. 

The improved confidence level will not only help the child to overcome shyness but also help him to excel in other walks of life. In this way helping child to be confident will result in wholesome development of child, have better future and achieve more in life.