The Right Start

Is your financial status preventing your child from getting the right start in life? Here's help.

We know that all people are born equal. However, because of our circumstances, not all of us get an equal start in life. Some children need to struggle a lot more to reach the level their counterparts were born into. 

The Right Start

How can you as a parent ensure that your child gets the best possible start in life? 

You don't need to lead a super luxurious life in order to give your child everything. However, you should endeavor to make sure your child is not embarrassed of his way of life.


Ensure your child goes to an income appropriate school. If your child goes to a school where all his friends come from far wealthier families than he does, he may develop an inferiority complex. Generally most good public schools have children from various backgrounds. Consider sending him to one of these schools, rather than a school that charges a super-high fee, especially if the fee poses a substantial drain on your finances. Don't compromise on getting him all the books he may need, and sending him for extra coaching classes, if required. 

His uniform should be clean at all times, and any tears should be stitched immediately.


Make sure your home is a place your child can be proud of. You don't have to have all the latest gadgetry, but you do need to spend time and thought decorating your home. Here are some great ideas on how you can decorate your home on a budget. 

Cleanliness and maintenance is more important than decor. Make sure your home, especially your child's bedroom, is always tidy. Enlist your child's help in cleaning up the home. Get him to clean up his own room. 

Is the paint on your walls peeling? Perhaps there is a leak somewhere. Don't ignore it. Get your building society involved and make sure the leak is repaired. 

Paint your walls regularly before they start going black, or as soon as the paint starts peeling. If you cannot afford regular paint jobs, try and paint the walls yourself. It really is not that hard. People from across the globe often do their own painting. It can be a fun, family event, and your kids can paint their own room in the colours of their choice.


If you are a one-income family and feel that your standard of living is falling behind, consider switching to a dual-income setup. If you as a mother want to spend time with your children, try and work out a part-time arrangement. Once your children start school, you can consider taking up a full time job. Try and find a job with fixed hours where you have weekends off, and make sure you devote weekends fully to your children. Even if your new job doesn't pay much, the little additional income can be spent on buying your children some goodies.


Spend wisely. Always make a list when going shopping, and buy only what's on the list. Avoid taking your child with you especially if you know your child will want you to buy him a lot of stuff from the store, and you can ill afford it. It's better you leave him at home, than you keep denying him things he wants. 

Take him with you once in a while and get him a treat.