The Power of Color Light Therapy

Color Light therapy is one of the very much effective therapies which not only takes good care of our physical and mental health but also helps in curing diseases and improving well being. Chromotherapy is a modern technique of healing which is found to be very much beneficial in curing the patients suffering from any problem be it a psychological trouble or some physical problem. The therapist makes use of the colors of the light spectrum to heal the body part as associated with the seven energy centers or chakras. Just go through the following account and know more about chromotherapy.

The Power of Color Light Therapy

Based on the light spectrum the color scheme follows the VIBGYOR where each alphabet indicating about a color keeping into consideration the short wavelength to high wavelength or from high frequency to low frequency. Violet is associated with the crown chakra, at the top of the head which signifies empowerment and fulfillment. Brow Chakra or Third eye chakra which is located between the eyes is associated with the color Indigo which signifies knowledge, power and is associated with intuition. This Chakra is related to the eyes and the lower part of the head.

Throat Chakra is associated with the Blue color and as the name suggests, it is connected to the throat and lungs. Blue Color implies honesty, stability and fearlessness. Green color is associated with the Heart Chakra and symbolizes liveliness as well as spreads the healing effect. Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra which influences the mental process as well as digestive system. Sacral Chakra benefits the kidneys, urinary tract and the reproductive system and orange is the color associated with it signifying cheerfulness and joy. Red color is associated with the Base chakra and the spine, hips and legs. It symbolizes the anger, aggressiveness and sexual behavior.

We hope the above account would be useful for you to understand the color light therapy. However do keep in mind that if you have any skin or eye problem or hypertension or diabetes or some other hereditary problem in your family then do consult a doctor as well as a qualified therapist before getting into color light therapy. 

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