The Best Treatment for Autism

Autism is a neurobiological disorder which is detected as early as in the initial three years of life. There are many indications which direct the causes towards genes and environments but the exact cause behind it is still not yet known. 

This disorder affects all races. In America, an estimated amount of 1.5 million adults and kids are affected by the disorder whereas in India, about 1.7 millions children suffer from it. Throughout the world, about 0.2% people are affected. 

The Best Treatment for Autism

A proper diagnosis of the disorder is a must in order to rule out the disorder for confusion may lead to ineffective and inappropriate treatment. One of the most common symptoms seen is deafness as most of the children suffering from autism do not generally respond to sound and often lack the ability to speak. 

Autistic children tend to develop a secondary disorder, autism being the primary disorder. While diagnosing autism, only the case history of the child and clinical evaluation are considered as there are no laboratory tests available for it.

Though, there is no known cure for autism so far but treatments and education can help in reducing the disability up to a certain level. Early diagnosis of the disorder is important as early intervention is necessary in order to reduce the severity of the disorder and to keep in control. To encourage independence among them, they can be taught self help skills. However, there is not just one treatment that will effectively help them. Parents as well as the physicians and specialists must co-operate with one another while initiating the treatment. 

There are a number of treatments for autism. However homeopathy treatment is the most recommended one. Following are some of the things you can do help your child with autism at home: 

1) Children must be encouraged to attend special classes. Let them attend structured behaviorally based programs. 

2) Parents on their part must also be aware of the behavior therapy so that they can also assist their children in the child care and treatment program.

3) Inorder to deal with the seizures, mood changes, hyperactivity, etc medications can be given to them.

Always remember that early intervention is the best way to deal with this disorder. The parents can help the positive trait of the children to their benefits. Begin the treatment early by clearly demarcating the child’s weaknesses, strengths and needs. Parents are and should be, in most of the cases, encouraged to take care of their children at home.

Knowing the genetic causes of autism will give you a deeper inside on autism and will be helpful in the long run. Your views and comments are important to us, so please feel free to share it with us.