Teenage Obesity Increases Cancer Risk Later in Life

A recent research has come into focus that teenage obesity may result in an increased risk of cancer in later life. Check the details here:

Considering the current trend of indulging into lots of fast foods and drinks, many teenagers are becoming a victim of the distress of obesity. And with the passing time, this number is increasing day by day. The problem of obesity is related to the excess accumulation of fat in the body which may result into a heavy body structure. And as junk food contains a big baggage of non-healthy fat, so it leaves many adverse effects on its consumers. Moreover teenage is a period when a person is in the mid of his childhood and adulthood. So at that time they are hardly aware of the things that are good and bad for them. That is why they splurge in such unhealthy food habits which ultimately cost them a poor health. In this row, now this new study has come into light stating that a teenage obesity can bring the risk of the onset of cancer in the later life. So, here is a review of this study. Read it right inside!!!

Teenage Obesity Increases Cancer Risk Later in Life

Study: Teenage Obesity increases Cancer Risk Later in Life

This study has underlined the fact that the teenage obesity can play havoc to health by giving a way for the occurrence of the problem of cancer in the later life. And this risk does not ends here only, it remains in the people who lose their weight in the later part of their life as well.

These findings are based on a study that was a part of the medical records of 20,000 men who attended the prestigious Harvard School of Public Health between 1916 and 1950. Here the experts closely examined the impact of obesity in early adulthood on later risk of cancer development. The researchers showed that, the students with the highest Body Mass Index (a person's height and weight) at the age of 18 were 35 percent more likely to die from cancer in the later life than those who were thinner.

Besides this, the researchers also said that, the teenagers who are obese were 50 more likely to suffer from lung cancer in comparison to those who had a healthy weight, and it is regardless of the fact that whether they smoke or not. 

So guys do keep a check on your increasing mass volume on your body as this may bring many severe fatalities. Thus take a good care of yourself and enjoy a fine health!!!