Talk to Your Baby

Communication is a way of expressing one's feelings. Babies can not talk but they love to listen. Talking to the baby develops his intellectual skills and grasping powers. The baby loves the attention, he gets when you talk with him. 

Talk to Your Baby

This also helps in language development.

Most parents, when communicating with their babies, indulge in what is known as baby talk. They go goo-goo gaga and cootchie wootchie all the time, and then wonder why their daughter still finds it difficult to speak a full sentence when Rani and Deepak's son can recite the entire Baa Baa Black Sheep without a pause.


So how do you teach your children to get an early grasp of the language? It's simple. TALK to them. Talk to them as much as possible, and at every opportunity you get. Find any excuse to talk. If you are feeding your little one, keep describing and explaining what you are doing. Say things like "Now I'm going to pick up the spoon, fill it up with this yummy potato and put it in your mouth! There. wasn't that delicious? Isn't mommy a good cook?" Go on talking and chattering with your child. This is a surefire way to enhance and motivate your child's language development. Babies learn to talk by listening and responding to the sounds around them.


In addition to talking, teach your child nursery rhymes and songs. Sing to your children as much as possible, to enhance their awareness of the cadences and rhythmical patterns of the language. Read poetry to them and teach them action rhymes (where you move your hands according to the words of the poem). 


Children hate to be ignored. They love it when you are speaking to them, especially if you are looking directly at them, even if they don't understand what you are saying. The fact that you are focusing your entire attention on them is sufficient. 

Read Aloud

Read to your baby everyday. Make this a routine. This will expose your child to the wonderful world of books, and instill the healthy habit of reading from a young age. Show the book to your baby, let her turn
the pages for you and admire the pictures. 

In Conclusion

Remember, the more you speak to your children, the higher will be their intellectual development. Studies have shown a strong connection between the amount a parent speaks with their children and ultimate grasping power. 

So go ahead and start chatting!