Tackle Your Child's First Separation With Tact

Separation is a painful process for both the parents and the child. It is inevitable process so the best way to deal with is to prepare the child beforehand. A child who is well prepared for the separation can handle it with ease and he has no adjusting problems in future also.  Here are tips to handle the situation.

Five reasons to comfort yourself while your child cries over the first lengthy separation.

Tackle Your Child's First Separation With Tact

Yes, it had to happen one day. Every mother finds it difficult to leave a child for the first time. The first separation, be it the child's first day in a creche or a school, is always a painful process. Mothers, even fathers, find it difficult to digest the separation. Here are tips to handle the situation better.

Understand the inevitability

A parent can only postpone a child's separation, but can never cancel it forever. 

Therefore, it is always advisable to accept the reality and groom the child for a spontaneous parting. Prepare the child mentally for the first day in the school. If the child is very young, try to communicate the right message through body language. For example, if you are placing your child in a babysitter's lap, do not cry, just bid a smiling bye.

Each one has to fend for oneself

As parents, we have to teach our children to fend for themselves, and the earlier the better. An independent streak has to be nurtured in the child from very early years, and the first separation has to be therefore handled well. If you handle the situation well, it will help you bring up a self-reliant and confident child.

Research shows that timely separation is good for children

Contrary to popular notion, recent psychiatric research shows that stopgap separation is beneficial for a child's future. Too much of parent bonding spoils the child. Therefore, do not be overly bothered about the child's welfare when you break away for the first time.

Let your child out of the cocoon 

Your home provides a very protective environment for the child. Therefore it is always advisable for a child to leave the home turf and wander outside. The outside world has certain lessons to give. Never deprive your child of life's teachings. 

Your child is smarter than you think

Your child is not as helpless and docile as you believe. Psychology claims that children have two different personalities in and out of their homes. Therefore, you should not pre-judge your child's behavior outside familiar territory. Irritating and spoil brats become the quietest of children in school, and well-behaved mamma's boys (or girls) may turn into devils once they find their likes outside their homes.