Stress Management

Stress Management - how to deal with such an anxiety disorder

Almost each one of us are familiar with the term ‘STRESS’. At a certain stage of our life we experience stress either psychologically or physically due to the increasing demands and pressures of life to keep in pace with the continually changing environment. Stress, in particular, is a feeling, which we react to a particular situation when we are loaded with pressure, which leads to anxiety.

Stress Management

Stress has both positive and negative influence on us. A little stress is a must for every one of us as it motivates us to achieve something on a higher level, yet too much of stress is not good for health. It may prompt us to take action immediately. However, too much of stress sometimes deviate us from our concentration. There are certain situations that are stressful and may require to be dealt with intense care, attention and sensitivity.

A negative influence of stress may create health problems such as insomnia, headache, heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke etc. And now it is high time that we learn to deal with it before it takes a claim on our health. No matter how hard we try to overcome a stressed situation, life brings before us another one, all the more making it more complex and difficult to deal with it.

Thus, it is very important to have a positive outlook towards life and deal with it. Here are some tips on stress management techniques which might be helpful in relieving yourself from a stressful situation:

1) The first and foremost step towards relieving oneself from such a situation is to accept the fact that we are under stress. Learn to live with it, this way you will have an upper hand over your enemy.

2) Stay away from people who are already too stressed. They are usually referred to as the ‘stress sneezers’ and they can spread the dreaded disease to others.

3) As the saying goes, "Laughter is the best medicine", adopt a humorous attitude towards life. It helps in appreciating and perceiving the absurdity of life and reduces the stress hormones with moments of delight.

4) Identify the root cause and also determine the level of your stress by noting them down in your stress diary. This would help you to consider what kind of action needs to be taken to deal with it.

5) Another way to deal with it is through the yoga techniques. Yoga postures such as asana, pranayama, dhyana etc. increases co-ordination between the mind and the body.

6) Yogic meditation helps in boosting the self-esteem of the patient and also inculcates a dramatic change in their beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and habits.

7) Deep breathing exercise is another method of de-stressing yourself. Breathe in slowly for the count of 7 and breathe out for the count of 11. Repeat this breathing exercise.

8) Be realistic and don’t try to be a perfectionist as no one is perfect. Get a good night’s sleep and stand up against over-scheduling by reducing some of your daily activities.

9) Pamper your body by exercising regularly and learn to relax. Eat well and sleep well.

10) Inculcate a positive attitude in yourself. Whether the glass is half empty or half full depends on how your attitude, outlook and thoughts.

Learn to deal with everyday setbacks and problems in a light manner. 

Considering them to be temporary and solvable, take actions immediately. 

Though the stress management techniques have proved it in reducing stress among individuals but consider consulting a health expert before making any major changes. Stress, at its extreme can even cause death so, deal with it with proper care and attention.