Steroids Statistics in Sports

The statistics of steroids abuse in sports has scored quite high. The use of steroids in sports dates back to as early as 776 B.C. Back then the steroids that are available now was not known. The form of steroids that was most commonly used was the ingestion of sheep’s testicle. The use of steroids in the sports world has increased much more than earlier days. Athletes today still use performance enhancing drugs and other steroids that would help in building their muscles. One of the most common reasons for using steroids in sports is to excel. 

Steroids Statistics in Sports

Steroid abuse was first confirmed at the World Weightlifting Championships that was held in the year 1954. It was discovered when Dr. John Ziegler enquired about it to the winning team’s doctor, who openly declared that their athletes were given testosterone injections while training for the championships. With this revelation, it came to light that the use of AAS drugs helps in boosting the performance of the athletes. Back then, since there were no rules and regulations set for the use of steroids, those athletes who administered steroids were not penalized.

Dr. Ziegler, thus seeking an alternative steroid to the injectables used by the Soviet, developed the oral testosterone derivatives called dianabol. It is one of the most widely available and widely used steroids of all time. The East Germans around the late 1960s dominated all the worldwide sporting events after the recommendation of the Chief Medical Officer of East German for the collective use of steroids to all the East German athletes.

Steroids soon became one of the most sought after drugs in every gym as it generated far greater income than their non-using counterparts. Even in the United States, the use of steroids began to soar high among athletes. This was when the World Health Organization came into the picture filing a complaint against the use of AAS. Later on the Olympic Council completely banned the use of such drugs during international competition.

Despite the number of side effects and the pro athlete stories that came to light, the athletes were not deterred from using steroid and continued to administer it. 

Despite the ban athletes continued using it by consulting professionals to evade drug testing. An American swimmer named Rick de Mont was first caught officially for breaking the rules in 1972. In the late 1990s, Mark McGuire, was caught using androstendione, a steroid that converts within the body to testosterone. It was discovered that about 85% of MLB players were using steroids.