Steroids Statistics in Baseball - Steroid Guide

People have regarded the 90’s era as the steroids era in baseball but these people need to reconsider their belief as the use of steroids by athletes is ever rising. It was in the year 1954 that the steroids abuse in sports was observed. 

Back then the use of steroids was limited to weight lifters only. Today, however, steroids have been used in all types of sports. Be it football, baseball, high school sports or Olympics, almost all the athletes are found to be using them to enhance their performance. 

Steroids Statistics in Baseball - Steroid Guide

Baseball offers lucrative sponsorships, deals and contracts depending on the performance of the athlete’s performance which compels them to use steroids in order to enhance their performance. Since anabolic steroids help in developing muscles and increasing strength, most baseball players do not regret administering this drug as it helps them to reach the desired goal. The use of steroids came to light with the finding of a bottle of steroid supplements that was found in the locker of Mark McGuire. It was also proved by the confession of Ken Camiti from using steroids. 

As a result of which the Major League Baseball, a major sports organization in the USA, initiated a surveillance policy that would detect the use of steroids. 

According to the confessions of Camiti almost 50% of the players were steroid abusers. All this hype led to conducting a number of surveys that revealed startling facts. Over three-fourth of the players believed that use of steroids to some extent helps them to break records. However, steroids and the players themselves are not at all responsible for the use of the drug to enhance their performance.

The owners, agents, media and fans etc. also plays an important role in encouraging athletes to administer these drugs. As the owners forces the agents to produce more productive athletes, the agents instead of preparing the athletes from their minor league looks out for buying excellent players quoting a higher price. Since the players career are at risk, in order to meet the  demands of the agents and to get the lucrative price, they begin to use steroids. Media and fans also encourage the athletes by focusing more on the individual's physique and who manages to make a record breaking landmark.