Steroids and Deaths Discover the Truth behind it

Maybe the two terms steroids and deaths do not sound so well together but it is an ugly truth that steroids and deaths are two sides of the same coin. Death always accompanies steroids. Steroids are generally used by athletes and other youths who look forward to an improved performance and an enhanced physical appearance. Despite the number of health risks that are associated with steroids most people tend to overlook it and continue to administer it into their bodies. 

Apart from the changes in the physical features of the users, steroids tend to have a deep psychological impact as well. They tend to become more aggressive, more manly, more violent etc. 

Steroids and Deaths  Discover the Truth behind it

Also the individual tends to become more depressed and may experience more mood swings. Other than the psychological effects, there are other effects on the health such as the enlargement of the heart chamber, high blood pressure, liver damage, kidney failure, sexual dysfunction, low sperm count, jaundice, hepatitis etc. Though some of the side effects of steroid are reversible yet some of them are serious diseases that could lead to permanent damage. Liver damages, cancer, heart attack, homicide, suicide etc. are some of the fatalities that steroids can cause to an individual.

The type of steroid that is most commonly used by the athletes to enhance their performance and build their body is the anabolic steroids. Corticosteroid is most commonly used for medication purposes. However, researchers have found that the inflammatory drug that is being used for the treatment of had injuries due to car crashes can actually increase the risk of death. Though it is being used for the treatment of a number of inflammatory diseases like arthritis, asthma etc. and its functions are different from that of the anabolic steroids. 

Though the deaths of those individuals with head injury who are being treated are not yet clear but it has been assumed that it could be because the corticosteroids interference with the function of the adrenal glands. Also the treatment with steroid does neither reduces the risk of infection nor does it make a difference in the gastrointestinal bleeding complications. Researches are still going on to find out the reason behind it.