Steroid Statistics - Rising Use of Steroids

Earlier the term ‘steroid statistics’ was a popular term in the world of sports but today it is heard of less often. The term is now more often heard in school gyms, celebrity magazines etc.  The statistics of use of steroids among adolescents has particularly become one of the most disturbing facts among the experts. Of late, steroid has gained popularity among the youths who are into sports as they are looking forward to improve their performance.

Steroid Statistics - Rising Use of Steroids

Apart from the widespread use of steroids among the professional athletes, the use of steroid is prevalent among the teenagers as well. This is because of the belief that it will make them faster, stronger and better performers, however, they are unaware of the serious consequences they may have to face later on.

According to a survey that was conducted in the years 1999 to 2001, it was found that 2.7% of teenagers in 10th grade have already tested steroids atleast once in their lifetime and about 2.9% of teenagers in the 12th are reportedly using steroids. The survey was again conducted in the year 2001, which showed a rise in the percentage of the teenagers using steroids. Among the 12th graders, there was a rise of about 4%. 

Researchers have found out that about 1,084,000 Americans are using steroids. 

Men are found to use steroids more than women. In the high school level, about 5.4% of students were reportedly using steroids out of which 2.8% were females and 2.6% were males.

Researchers have also found that the gender, race and culture greatly influenced an individual's mind when he makes a decision whether he should or should not use steroids. It was further found that Caucasians are more into using steroids than the Africans and Hispanics.

Because of the effective results that steroids produce, adolescent athletes easily get carried away to use them. However, it is high time that the experts must give proper attention to how to spread awareness among the youths in order to reduce the use of steroids. Experts must emphasize on natural methods of bulking up and better performance such as cardiovascular exercise, weight bearing exercise and a healthy diet.