Steroid Side Effects on Women

The side effects of steroids on women are most likely to appear in women than in men because the female body tends to recognize the foreign substance faster than males. It is recommended that women must be extra cautious about their decision to administer steroids into their body as it is one such substance which is not found naturally in their body. Steroids are not meant to be taken by women, as it is a derivative of the male hormone called testosterone as a result of which women tend to experience musculization which is accompanied by a large number of side effects. 

Steroid Side Effects on Women

Though there are certain types of steroids that can be used by women with minimal side effects but it is best advised to stay away from it. Women body builders do not tend to tolerate the steroids as men and thus they are at higher risk of the side effects than the latter. Increased production of testosterone in women can lead to hormone instabilities which may in turn have an adverse affect on the physiology and characterization of the women which may be irreversible. Following are some of the side effects of steroids on women:

1) Steroids can disrupt the regular menstrual cycle of a woman. It could lead to spotting, irregular menstrual cycle or stopping the cycle altogether.

2) Intake of steroids increases the production of testosterone which may lead to the development of masculine characteristics in women. For instance a woman who is on steroids may develop pronounced jaw muscles, deeper voice, facial hair etc.

3) Clitoris enlargement is one of the most disturbing side effects of steroids that a woman may experience. Enlargement of clitoris may lead to the development of small penis which is irreversible. 

4) A woman may also experience behavioral and emotional changes. They may begin to talk and think like men and become more aggressive. They also tend to experience sexual aggression. 

5) It could also lead to the shrinkage of the breast tissue which might reduce the size of the breast. They may also tend to develop hair growth around the nipple, buttocks, chest etc.

6) Another side effect that women may experience is stomach distension. They may go through chronic constipation, water retention etc. Also there could be vaginal discharge which could be pretty irritating. 

7) Women may also experience the male pattern of baldness. Also they are at the risk of developing several other conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, skin diseases etc.

Most of the side effects of steroids are reversible once you discontinue the prescription however; there are also some side effects which may remain permanently. In most of the cases, the warning signs of visible side effects of steroids may be difficult to identify.

There is no such immunity that can defend the side effects of steroids. All women experience it however, in some case, some women tend to suffer more than the others. Though, steroids help women in developing muscles but at the cost of their femininity. Thus it is advisable to women to monitor closely if they have decided to administer steroids as they run the risk of experiencing more negative effects than men.