Singing Therapy Helps Stroke Patients Fight Speech-Impairment

With the recent researches highlighting the fact that singing therapy may be helpful in restoring the speaking ability or repairing the speech-impairment in stroke victims, it has once again proved the intricate link between music and language. This is the fundamental connection that the scientists are using in order to treat those patients who have lost the ability to speak. And there is evidence that music does help in restoring those people with severe brain impairments.

Singing Therapy Helps Stroke Patients Fight Speech-Impairment

According to the scientists, music is an efficient tool that proves to be effective in the treatment of neurological disorder. A number of strokes generally result in a kind of language disorder which is known as aphasia. The study was conducted on 12 patients whose speech was impaired by strokes. These patients when taught to sing their words were found to improve their verbal abilities. 

The therapy is referred to as Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) which has been used with brain imaging to show how the brain responds to it.
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