Should Children Use Mobile Phones

Do you think it is harmless to give a mobile phone to your child? Think twice before you do so. Read about the effects having mobile phones can have on children’s life. Having a mobile phone can result in health problems in children and can have adverse effects on physical and mental health.

Should Children Use Mobile Phones

As the years go by, human life is also changing constantly! Mobile phones were previously seen only among few high class people and were considered as something lavish! Then slowly, you saw even the average or the common man on the street like your cobbler or vegetable vendor having a cellphone! See the world today, and you can find even young kids and school going children busily chatting away on their mobile phones! Today you find kids as young as seven and eight owning a mobile phone. Welcome to the new age world!

Marketing of Mobile Phone Companies

Nowadays, there are companies which manufacture specially designed mobile phones targeted exclusively to the young children. There are cell phones for kids with pictures of cartoon characters in order to attract the attention of children and increase sales. Kids are a target audience for even mobile phones in today’s age!

Mobile Phones Effects on Academics

Teachers in schools are complaining of increasing indiscipline in class ever since young children started bringing mobile phones to class. According to these teachers students who bring cell phones to school talk on the phone during class and send messages. They do not pay attention and play on their cell phones during class hours. They thus miss out on lessons being taught and fall behind the other students. Their entire concentration is on the mobile phone and not on their studies. The teachers say that students with mobile phones are uninterested in studies during class hours. Their attention is more on the mobile phone rather than on the blackboard.

Overall Effects on Children

According to some children who have a cell phone, it is a status symbol for them among the others. The more the phone is modern and stylish, the better because it increases prestige among friends and other schoolmates. Mobile phones have a major effect on children and can bring about undesirable changes in their lifestyle. These children become so obsessed with the phone. They are constantly checking messages, and do not do the important things that young children should do. Instead of spending time playing sports in the fresh air and engaging in other creative activities and hobbies, they spend most of their time on the phone. According to scientists, keeping in continuous contact with people can get addictive.

Health hazards of Mobile Phones on Children

Studies recommend that mobile phones should only be given to children above sixteen years of age. Children below the age of sixteen should not be given mobile phones since their brain is too sensitive to withstand the effects of mobile radiation. Since the tissues in the brain and body are still developing, these radiations can cause cell damage. Due to absorption of radiation, children can have severe health issues. Although adults also get affected by these radiations it will be more severe in children because of increased absorption of these radiation levels. Experts also believe there is a link between childhood cancer and mobile phone usage among children.

Misuse of Mobile Phones

There are high chances of misuse of the mobile phone, by children who have them. Children may send and receive vulgar messages and pictures. Children can have access to adult websites.

Advice for Parents

We live in a dangerous world where so many incidents of crime against children. 

Parents of children having mobile phones must take some steps to ensure safety of the child. Parents should warn and keep children aware of the various mobile phone crimes. Sometimes it is possible for a child to get stalked by strangers over the phone. Parents of young children who have a mobile phone must get a post-paid connection and check the cell phone bill when it arrives.

Mobile phones for children – a Boon or a Bane

Although there might be a few advantages of children having mobile phones, there are more adverse effects. One good advantage being that children can call up their parents in case of an emergency or if they are stuck in some place. 

Parents can have peace of mind.

But, more and more experts are warning about the disastrous and negative effects which a mobile phone can have on the physical and mental health of young kids.