Self Defense

Will your daughter be able to defend herself if someone tries to physically assault her? Arm your daughter with some basic self defence techniques and tools to ensure that she doesn’t become a victim with our tips here.

Self Defense

A woman's greatest weakness is her lack of physical strength and it is this weakness combined with sexual desirability that makes women prone to unwanted overtures and attacks.

We all know that it is relatively easy for a man to overpower a woman, especially if she is taken by surprise. Even though your daughter may never find herself in danger of rape, molestation or eve-teasing, cat-calling or sexual leering which lasts just a few minutes, can be profoundly disturbing, more so if she finds herself completely helpless in the situation.

So how can you prepare your daughter? No matter how much you shelter and protect her, realistically you cannot be there to shield her every minute of the day. So, teach her to fend for herself. One of the ways you can do this is by enrolling her in a martial arts course. You can then teach her to run if she can, fight if she must.

Pepper Sprays, Apps, Tasers, and Panic Buttons

Considering the increasing number of rape victims in India, there is a flourishing business to provide women with safe weapons to protect themselves. Buy your 
daughter some self-defence tools from the suggested ones below: 

Pepper Spray: Give your daughter a bottle of pepper spray (available online) and insist she carry it in the front pocket of her backpack or bag where it is easily accessible. Insist that she spray the eyes of anyone who is making her uncomfortable, uncaring of how normal they seem.

Cell Phone Apps: Provide her with a cell phone, and download one of the many apps that have been designed especially to protect the woman in danger. Upon dialling a pre-programmed emergency number, these apps immediately pinpoint your location and send a danger message to all your pre-chosen contacts. Some also contact the nearest police station or send out screeching Help Me sirens which will hopefully alert the public and scare off deviants.

Tasers and Stun Guns: Tasers and stun guns are electroshock weapons which send electrical currents through the assailant’s body causing the body’s control over the muscles to disrupt for a small amount of time. Certain stun guns even cause short-term unconsciousness, providing the would-be victim with enough time to run away.

Panic Button: Many key-chains come with a panic button inbuilt, which lets out a loud alarm or siren or shouts ‘Help’ constantly when pressed. This brings public attention to the assailant and victim, and is enough to frighten the assailant in most cases.

Help her Learn to Strike

Although most women know that a kick in the right place is a great self-defence move, few, other than in movies, are able to orchestrate the move when most required. The act of physically assaulting a stranger is overwhelming, and women are usually paralyzed with shock and fear, and unable to let out a sound louder than a whimper during a sudden attack. These fears are addressed in a self-defence class, and women leave feeling much more emboldened and empowered. 

Most forms of martial arts require the use of mind and body, with the result that your daughter will not only be more equipped to whip anyone trying to act funny with her, but she will also be a more focused person - a quality which will no doubt help her through her life.

Teach your Daughter to Confront her Attackers in Public

If your daughter ever has anyone sit next to her in a public place, either in a cinema or a park or anywhere, who made her feel uncomfortable, tell her to MOVE or look the person in the eye and ask him to move back. If someone is following her on a busy street, she should go up to that person and confront him at the top of her voice. The public will be on her side, and this is certainly not what he would be expecting. If she wants to appear even more threatening, she could fish out her cell phone and threaten to call the police if he does not back off. Teach your daughter not to bother about niceties with strangers who make her uncomfortable, even if they seem respectable.

Do not instil unnecessary fears in your daughter’s mind, but do not block out reality either. Lawlessness seems to be the order of the day, and even walking on deserted streets in daylight can be a risk. Learn self defence yourself, so you can become a role model for your children. Teach them some moves, do light practice at home, and make it fun. In addition, learning a martial art is great exercise as well. It will make your child fitter, physically and mentally.