Pregnancy Hospital - Selecting Hospital to Give Birth

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Pregnancy Doctor Pregnancy Hospital Travelling During Pregnancy Shopping for Pregnancy Pregnancy Week by Week Tests During Pregnancy Common Concerns Childbirth Videos Home » Pregnancy » Pregnancy Hospital - Selecting Hospital to Give Birth Pregnancy Hospital - Selecting Hospital to Give Birth Selecting a pregnancy hospital give birth is an important decision. This choice of selecting hospital to give birth may play a very big role on your birth experience. With no dearth of hospitals that help to attend on your delivery, you must select one that you are comfortable with. You may consider one that your pregnancy doctor is associated with. In India, most mothers-to-be choose to give birth at a simple nursing home that provides them good treatment and care.

Pregnancy Hospital - Selecting Hospital to Give Birth

Tips on Selecting Hospital to Give Birth

You do not have to rush through the process of selecting hospital to give birth. 

Do your research on this from your early stages of pregnancy. Some pointers that help you in deciding on a pregnancy hospital are:
  • What kind of hospitals are available in your area?
  • What reputation do the above hospitals have?
  • Is the hospital easily accessible?

What kind of facilities do the hospitals in your locality have? The facilities in the hospital is an important factor to consider. In case of unexpected complications, the hospital should have all the facilities and equipments needed to handle it. 

Most modern hospitals have an anaesthetist, neonatal care specialist and neonatal ICUs.

Does the hospital have enough facilities to treat special conditions like hypertension and diabetes?

Does your health insurance cover a particular hospital's expenses?

How do the hospital staff treat their patients?

Are you comfortable with the hospital policies of labour and birth?

After you have selected a few pregnancy hospitals which seem to meet your requirements, it is advisable to visit them in person.

Some salient features of a good pregnancy hospital can be listed as follows:

A neonatal intensive care unit is available in the hospital.

The hospital has a lactation consultant who can ease your fears and guide you through the process of lactation and breast feeding.

The father can stay and sleep in the hospital at night.

You can keep your baby with you in the room as long as you want to.

The hospital offers the expecting mother pain medication whenever she needs it.

You may also want to consider a few minor situations such as visiting hours for relatives and if you know people who are satisfied with the pregnancy hospital services.