Pregnancy Doctor - Choosing Obgyn

Choosing a pregnancy doctor who will assist in your baby's birth is an important part in fulfilling your pregnancy needs. If you already know the ideal doctor for
you either because you have used him before or know someone who has, then you may consider yourself lucky.

However, if you have still not chosen a pregnancy doctor, visit a prospective doctor during your conception planning phase. Remember to take your partner along with you when you go for this preconception visit. This is a good time for reviewing both the medical and family history of both your husband and yourself to make sure you have no health problems before you conceive.

Pregnancy Doctor - Choosing Obgyn

You can also use this preconception visit as a chance to interact with the prospective pregnancy doctor. It is essential that you are quite comfortable with your pregnancy doctor and take to her very easily.

To make an educated choice you will have to be well-informed. Try to read as much as you can on what you can expect during pregnancy. Do not feel pressurized on choosing the first ObGyn you meet. This is as much a personal choice as a logical choice. Go through your check list and finalize on the one your heart tells you to.

Checklist for selecting a pregnancy doctor

Does the pregnancy doctor practice in a hospital near my home? Calculate the distance from your home to the hospital and how long it will take for you to reach the hospital during peak traffic hours. It makes no sense to get yourself registered with the best doctor in your city if you are not able to reach her on time.
  • Is the pregnancy doctor qualified to handle special conditions like hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy?
  • How long has the pregnancy doctor been practising and how many babies are delivered by her on a monthly basis?
  • Will the pregnancy doctor be handling my delivery alone or will she be working as a team with other doctors?
  • How can I reach the pregnancy doctor in case of an emergency?
  • If I have a doubt during pregnancy regarding anything from eating to walking to sleeping, can I discuss them with the pregnancy doctor over the phone or should I wait for my next appointment to discuss these in person?
  • In which hospital will the pregnancy doctor attend to the deliveries?
  • What percentage of deliveries in the hospital that I am admitted are caesareans?
  • If you firmly believe in natural birth, tell the pregnancy doctor and discuss with her when she would opt for a C-section?
  • If I need a C-section, will the pregnancy doctor perform it herself or will she ask another doctor to assist her?
  • Has the pregnancy doctor induced labours? If so how many labours have been induced and why?
  • What are the pregnancy doctor's views on episiotomies? Do they match your views on the same?
  • How does the pregnancy doctor provide pain relief during labour?
  • Does the pregnancy doctor accept my medical insurance plan for her deliveries?

Most parents today are well informed about pregnancy related issues. Decide if you want to follow the pregnancy doctor's suggestions on treatment or if you have your opinions on the same. If you want to voice your own views, see how open the pregnancy doctor is in discussing various treatment options with you.

You can add on any other queries that you have to the above list. Remember not to consider opting for a particular care giver solely because of the following reasons:

The person's work place is near your house. Convenience is a good point to consider but it is not the only one.

Someone close to you has recommended a doctor because she found that person satisfactory. What worked well for your friend may not be the same for you.

After voicing your concerns and queries to a pregnancy doctor, you may want to ask yourself the following questions before finalising your decision:

Was the care giver listening to my queries patiently and did she answer my questions to my satisfaction?

Did she share my views on the decisions I want to take regarding care for myself and birth of my baby?