Playing Games With Your One Year Old Child

Your one year old is in a developing stage and simple yet enjoyable games for him are the best way to keep him happy and busy all day long. There are numerous games available today which you can buy for your one year old.

When your baby is between 12 to 16 months, the following games would be appropriate for him or her:

Push me, Pull you : This pushing and pulling game is suitable for your child when she is trying to walk by pulling herself. Take help of an object that is movable like a box. While she will attempt to walk by holding edges of the box, you can move it towards yourself from the other side.

Playing Games With Your One Year Old Child

Coming to Life : This game makes children very happy in which their favorite doll or soft toy seems real to them. You can pretend to make them sit, walk, eat and do things which will surely entertain your child.

Clap Happy : By this age, your one year old can spread her hands. Try to make her clap by clapping in front of her and even teaching her by bringing her hands together.

Hide and seek : will also be loved by your child.

With your baby reaching age of 16 to 20 months, some other types of games should be there for her:

Roll it to me : A fun filled way to build hand eye coordination in your one year old. You can sit on the ground with your child facing you. Now you roll the ball towards her and try to make her do the same.

Brick Patterns : Try to make your child make patterns out of blocks. This interesting game will not only please her but also build concentration power in her.

Tea Party : Bring a kids’ tea party set for her and make her do the things in it. 

This will help her understand things and coordinate hand with eye.

Collector : Go out with your child and make him or her collect objects that attract her. This will facilitate hand movement.

When your child is between 20 to 24 months, some games which you can teach him or her are:

Dancing Fun : Dancing is a thing which almost every child enjoys. Play her favorite music and if not then any music and let her dance free on her own. This will surely delight the child as well as exercise her muscles.

Catch me if you can : There is no doubt that toddlers love it when they are chased by somebody. Make your child run and pretend that you are trying to catch them. A lovely kiss or a warm hug on catching them is sure to make them happy.

Balloons : Attractive multi colored balloons will attract your child. They are easy to be played by the child and are harmless. Make them catch the balloons and you make the balloons float in air.