Overabundant Milk

Overabundant milk problem can take place even if you do not suffer from breast engorgement. You may sometimes feel your breasts full of milk in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. This usually happens in case of an overactive letdown. 

Your baby may find it difficult to cope with the excess milk and start gasping, choking and spluttering while trying to swallow the milk. However, this flow will settle down soon. If it does not settle down even after breastfeeding has been established, your baby may not be breastfeeding latching properly.

Overabundant Milk

The flow of overabundant milk can result in breast milk leaking and breast milk spraying. You can find this embarrassing especially in public. Until your milk flow returns to normal to meet the needs of your baby, you can use a towel to dry your breasts after each feed.

Treating Overabundant Milk Problem

If you find the milk gushing out of your breast and your baby is choking, remove her from your breast for a while. Allow the flow to reduce its intensity, and then put her back on your breast.

Use only one breast for a feeding session to ensure that this breast is completely drained. Also, your baby suffers from the excess flow only once.

While you breastfeed your baby, apply mild pressure on the areola to reduce the intensity of the flow during letdown.

Pump the excess milk before you feed your baby. You can stop pumping and place your baby on to your breast once the flow has returned to normal. This prevents your baby from choking and gasping.

Sometimes, sitting back a little or lying down while feeding your baby can slow down the flow of milk.

Do not reduce your fluids intake as this can cause you various health problems.