Organising, Storing and Discarding Your Child's Schoolwork

Is your child’s room stuffed to capacity with every little doodle your child ever drew? Then it’s time to sit down and sort through it all. For tips on organising, discarding and treasuring your child’s work, read on.

Organising, Storing and Discarding Your Child's Schoolwork

If your child is going to school, you must have observed a multitude of schoolwork coming home with your child almost every day. Many parents get confused whether they should keep some of the schoolwork or keep all of it because their child’s has put in a lot of hard work in it. Do you already have a growing pile of your child’s schoolwork? Well, it is time you organize the papers and decide which ones are keepsakes, so that they can be stored properly.

Many of the papers that come along with your kids can be referenced and then recycled. There are still many that can be considered as keepers and they deserve a more permanent home. Some parents try to keep everything that their children bring home like completed homework, spelling tests, art projects and many more. It is advisable to keep a handful of your children’s best projects each grade and the progress reports that they get.

Pay Attention to the Learning

Many parents understand what effective praise is to anyone, especially a child. You should understand the fact that throwing away or recycling your child’s paper will not undo his learning. This is also going to be a good lesson for your child and will help him turn his focus inward instead of making the “stuff” important.

Trash the ‘Not So Important’ Ones

Trashing the paperwork will depend largely on how you take things done by your child. However, on a general note, you can trash the handwriting practice sheets, worksheets, colouring pages and some of the craftwork. You can also involve your child in this process and perhaps display her work for some time and then put it in the trash. Just keep in mind that the projects that show your child’s personality are keepers.

Opt for Temporary Display

If you feel that your child gets motivated upon seeing his hard work being displayed, go ahead and do just that. Depending on the achievement, effort and its importance, display your child’s project for anywhere from a few weeks up to a year. Designate one place where all the best achievements can be showcased, ideally on a refrigerator held up with magnets, or a pin-up board; anywhere where it can get maximum attention. Ensure that you insist on putting ‘one in and one out’ so that the place does not get cluttered. If some of them are actually very good and you want to keep them for as long as possible, it is better to get them framed to ensure longevity.

Holding Box

It is possible that you are a working mother and you do not have time every afternoon to go through the projects of your child, you should keep projects in a holding box. You can also create one where you carefully store the projects or assignments that are keepers for life. This can be a file or folder, drawer or a section of your cupboard.


After displaying the projects, you can trash many of them. Keep the papers that show the development of your child. You can also have everything in a box for the whole year and then sort out some at the end as keepsakes.

Make a Portfolio, Scrapbook or Mural

If you want to take the schoolwork of your child a step forward, you can take photos of their projects and make a scrapbook. You can also create a mural of your child’s work.

One of the most important things that you can do is pass on the responsibility to your child. Every day the school work that comes home must be placed at a fixed place. A proper plan will keep the clutter away.

Keep in mind that what may seem as trash to you may hold a lot of value to your child. Involve your child in the cleaning and discarding process. Explain and show him the amount of space he has to store his work and ask him to help decide which ones should stay and which ones should go. Offer a space where he can display his favourite stuff (not achievements necessarily) for a while before being discarded. This will not only make your child cleanliness-conscious, but also ensure that his achievements will be showcased by you, while his interests will also find a place to be showcased.