Orange for Color Therapy

Color therapy is one of the easiest and very much beneficial therapies to improve our well being. Colors play a vital role in affecting our emotions or feelings, moods and state of mind. Orange attains a very important place in color therapy. This color is associated with the Sacral Chakra or the Spleen Chakra which benefits the reproductive system, kidneys, pancreas, lungs and urinary tract. Orange is the color of cheerfulness and addiction but overabundance of Orange may lead a person to any type of addiction. It is used to strengthen the immunity system, sexual potency and bring in the optimism. 

Orange for Color Therapy

Orange is also associated with the warmth of the fire and if used lightly it has a gentle warming effect. It brings more energy as compared to yellow but too much of orange is just not recommended as it may lead to confused state of mind as well as making one addicted to any vice. On the other hand, less of Orange may make a person too much materialistic, have suppressed sexual feelings or have some other problems. 

Orange highlights enthusiasm, opens the door of new possibilities and infuses creative as well as positive thinking. This color stimulates new ideas and refreshing feeling. Different shades of orange can also be used to expand the aura around you as well as to revitalize the physical energy. It also takes good care of the appetite. In short, Orange Color symbolizes happiness and is very beneficial not only for physical well being but also for mental calmness.

We hope the above account would be useful for you to understand the significance of Orange for color therapy. Also check out the article, Chakra color 
Therapy and know something more about this therapy.

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