Obesity in the Young needs to be Tackled

Obesity in human race is rising at an alarming rate. The reasons behind such a plight are the factors like hereditary and bad eating habits or some hormonal changes in the body. Fast food or junk food trend is very much into fashion, especially among children and teenagers. Most of the parents (especially working mothers), give liberty to their wards to eat anything to escape from their duty of cooking. So, it results in various problems regarding food habits (major one is obesity). So tackling this problem is even more difficult.

Obesity in the Young needs to be Tackled

A thorough research has found that around 3 out of every 10 children are under the influence of obesity. And these children are not slightly obese, but have really heavy weight. Latest figures show that 17 percent of boys and girls aged 2 to 10 in England are classified as obese. Obesity now costs around 1 billion euro a year and around 2.3 billion euro in indirect costs. And this figure is on a constant rise every year. Thus, now the world government is setting rules to control this problem.

Childhood obesity is concerned with long term conditions such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. In partnership with PCT (primary care trust) and other health agencies, the government health committees are developing a childhood obesity strategy which will have many strands to it. These plans are gonna help people who are suffering from obesity and to stop the further increase in such cases. Other agendas of these plans will include review of money spent on young people's transports and school meals. Foundations will be laid down for healthy food programs at school and to implement restrictions on junk food advertisement. The government has also made an obesity national support team to spread awareness at the local level.

According to NGOs, working for the cause to cure obesity, the rate of development is slow but soon its gonna get up and spread everywhere in the world. They are claiming that if there will be more effective methods and a proper co-ordination among all the members and right application of plans, then this motive is surely gonna get success.
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