Obesity in America- Obesity Facts

Obesity in America

Obesity -  How do you define it? Try asking this question to your friends and see the answer you get. I asked a friend about it. And she had this weird look on their face as if to say “Gosh! You still don’t know the meaning of obesity?” but the question still remained unanswered.

Most of us when asked the question would the same way she reacted. And would answer the question instantly that obesity means being overweight. However, we are not aware of the obesity facts that it does not only mean being overweight but something more than that. It is a disease which is skyrocketing all over the world.

Obesity in America- Obesity Facts

Now what exactly is obesity? What is the difference between being overweight and obese? 

Obesity is the accumulation of body fat mostly around the waistline which poses a great threat to the health of an individual. While overweight simply means the individual is a little healthier than he is supposed to be. Obesity can occur at any stage of our life. And individual suffering from obesity is prone to high risk diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure etc.

Many have cited the reason of suffering from obesity to over eating, fast food, junk food, lack of exercise, sitting jobs etc. however the causes of obesity are more complex than those cited above.

The number of people suffering from obesity has been on the rapid rise all over the world. And to top it all America has been on the top of the list, which is also one of the most progressive and richest countries.

In the past couple of years, America has seen a rapid rise in the population of obese adults. According to a survey conducted by the Trust of America’s Health, it has been estimated that by the year 2008 about 73% of adults in US could be obese.

As per new reports released by the Trust, Mississippi was at the topmost with 29.5 % of obese population closely followed by Alabama with 28.9 %.

In the year 2004, the estimated population of adults suffering from obesity was 24.5% which rose from 23.7% in 2003.

With such a rapid rise in the population, the US is facing a severe health crisis which needs to be dealt with at the earliest. The cause of such a rapid rise could be due to the range of fast-food outlets, poor diet, improper lifestyle etc.